Lambretta Damper mounting kit

Lambretta Damper mounting kit

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225 grams



Front dampers, as on later models, provide increased stability. This kit is exactly what you need to easily upgrade your Lambretta to match the later models.

Fits Series 3 and Series 2 150 (but not S2 175).

Our stainless steel front shocks are sold separately. Add them as well and you're set. See related products. 

Tech Notes

Weld the top mounts as shown, just below the dimple on the forks. (Also see this guide.) By welding the pieces on, you have an original look, and no worries about slippage, as with bolt-on pieces. The larger 2 pieces simply clip on to your fork links (insert the little hook in the space just below where the fork link attaches to the bolt, then turn up and bolt on). No need for expensive new fork links.

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