Vespa Front seat cover VL1-style

Vespa Front seat cover VL1-style

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  • V0801-L1-LBL (Black leather: +$29.00)
  • V0801-L1-LBR (Brown leather: +$29.00)
  • V0801-L1-BL (Black)
  • V0801-L1-BR (Brown)
  • V0801-L1-TN (Tan)
  • V0801-L1-BU (Dark blue)
  • V0801-L1-GN (Dark green)
  • V0801-L1-OX (Oxblood)
  • V0801-L1-GR (Gray)
  • V0801-L1-CM (Cream)
400 grams


  • I have a non-leather ScootRS saddle and it's fine for a non-leather but pay the extra and get a leather one. Worth it. My ass couldn't be happier.
  • I've had the leather saddles from ScootRS on my VBB for 3 years, and agree they're nicely done and durable. I would order them again.
  • I have a [brown leather] set on my VBB and I just bought a black [leather] set for my bro's Allstate. If OE is not the goal, these are the best seats your scratch can buy.
Vinyl Colors Leather Colors

Seat colors in vinyl or leather.

Note: order matching covers together as color batches might change slightly over time..

For VL1-style seats with passenger grip holes 18cm apart. This style seat frame is often found on VL, VB1, VNA, VGL1.

Simply take off your old cover and put this one on over the frame. One-piece design with bendable tabs to attach to the frame.

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