Lambretta Dampers/shocks front stainless steel

Lambretta Dampers/shocks front stainless steel

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680 grams
Orignal Part:


  • Have tried other versions ... but they are ill made. Most of them use garden hose pipe for bushes and the mounting points are offset to an angle because they have been welded on by a guy with more shakes than McDonalds. Got a pair from scootRS ... and they seem good quality with stiff damping qualities.
  • We found that the Sterling versions were utter rubbish, the bush is a piece of air compressor hose that loosely slides in and the weld seemed to crack if they were even shown a bump in the road. The type we use now are ScootRS ones, that have decent rubber bushes and are welded much better.
  • --I want some new front dampers, chrome or stainless, which make are best?
    ScootRS! Stainless or plain. Order them direct to make sure you get the real McCoy.


Stainless steel!

Made inhouse at ScootRS. Don't confuse ours with the poor copies out there! Ours are much neater and stronger than all the similar looking Vietnam local market copies which use rubber hose for bushings. Read the quotes!

Tech Notes

Fit a large washer that covers the bushing before bolting on at the bottom. This locks it in place preventing it from ever slipping off.

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