Vespa Sports exhaust GS160/VSC SS180 stainless steel

Vespa Sports exhaust GS160/VSC SS180 stainless steel

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2500 grams


  • It fit just fine, stand cleared no problem, very nice, GS160 MK1 1962
  • Very nice construction and much better performance than stock.

A great sporty look and sound for GS160 scooters. Fit and design is the same as the original Abarth exhausts. See the photos. Not really for performance, similar to stock. Beautiful, long-lasting stainless steel. Some have asked how far it sticks out, so see the photo of it on a GS160 and SS180. Note however the stand might hit when raised and if so so you'll have to accept that, move your stand forward, or bend the leg outward a bit.

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