Vespa Sports exhaust VBB/VBC Super/8 inch stainless steel

Vespa Sports exhaust VBB/VBC Super/8 inch stainless steel

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1800 grams


  • I had one on a stock VNB for a while. It didn't hurt performance at all (prob didn't help it either), and I thought it looked good. Has a cool sound to it, too. It's actually not a bad option as long as you aren't looking to boost your power. It would probably last forever. I didn't have any issues with clearance.

A great sporty look and sound for VBB/VBC-type scooters, or any 8 inch with a 150cc motor of the same type cylinder (not widebody 1950s types). Only for 8 inch wheels, not 10 inch. (Rubs on a VLB, so won't work.) Not for performance, similar to stock, maybe more top end. Fit and design is the same as the original Abarth exhausts. See the photos. Beautiful, long-lasting stainless steel.

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