Carburetor 30mm PWK

Carburetor 30mm PWK

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  • [UK shop owner:] I must have at least 10 scoots running about with these on, all reliable and all running well. I fitted one on a GT186 and got 17hp.
  • I run the 24mm scootRS PWK and am very pleased with it. The pick up on them is instant and it was very easy to set up. Would certainly recommend them to anyone.
  • I love my PWK 28/30 from scootRS. It works awesome on my Lambretta with GP200 engine.
  • I've built 2 TS1s. The first with a Mikuni - it took a while to set up but then it was golden. The 2nd time I used a scootRS PWK - much cheaper and easier to set up. The next Lammy will get a PWK as well.
  • Do yourself a HUGE favor. Those Jetex carbs will give you nothing but trouble. I fought with mine for close to a year before I got a Keihin pattern PWK from scootRS and the difference is amazing. It's soooo much smoother, idles like a dream, never a hiccup.
  • I saw a back to back dyno test comparing Milkuni and Keihin 35mm carbs on a 250cc two stroke cart engine. The difference was 2hp, not a lot but enough to knock half a second off a lap. The most amazing thing was the way you could slow down the cart into a corner using engine braking and then floor the throttle with out the usual Amal/Dellorto gurgling. This is purely down to better air flow through the venturi.

Forget Dell'Orto, the best carbs in the world are Japanese as used by all dirtbike racers. Mikuni and Keihin are both well known, but Keihin are renowned for being better, with easier jetting.

Flatslide carbs are a great improvement over roundslides to begin, highly tunable, with better throttle response. D-slides, like the Keihin PWK carb type, are even better, an improved version of the flatslide, with less air turbulence. Result: even faster and smoother throttle response. This is especially noticeable at low revs. 

The Keihin PWK D-slide is simply an awesome carb, renowned as the top two-stroke race carb around. Our carb is a pattern Keihin PWK-type, which means you get awesome performance at a great price, and can easily get parts from any dirtbike shop. See our tech page for tuning info, and to read Scootering's review showing how a PWK-type blows away various Dell'Ortos and is easier to set up.

This carb even has an oval bore - 28mm width for better lower throttle response and 30mm height for extra punch at full throttle. This carb is great for any scooter with a tuned exhaust, especially highly tuned cylinders. 

Comes with a 40 idle, 140 main, JJH needle. No extra jets, manifold, choke kit, or anything else included. This carb uses a Japanese style throttle cable, 100443. 

Great deal. -And if you only know Dell'Orto carbs, think vastly better than a stock carb, better than a roundslide PHBH (Malossi, Polini), and superior performance and a cheaper price than a VHSA.

Add our tuned exhaust if you don't have one yet. Our dual-tank kit is also a great addition for Lambretta scooters.

Tech Notes

See our tech page for tuning info, and to read Scootering's review showing how a PWK-type blows away various Dell'Ortos and is easier to set up.

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