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Alarm system

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My mechanic thinks that alarm/immobiliser/starter is brilliant - thinks he might order a bunch and do upgrades for the locals here.

Protect your investment with a scooter/motorbike alarm, immobilizer, and remote starter. Features:

  1. When flipped on via the remote (you can leave it off) it has an alarm that sounds when the scooter is touched or when starting is attempted. Even if someone has your key he cannot steal the scooter! You can also hook the system into turn signals and have them flash too.
  2. If someone tries to steal your scooter you can kill the motor remotely, sounding the alarm.
  3. If you cannot find your scooter in a parking lot, you can sound a short beep to locate it.
  4. This system also plugs into your electric starter if you have one, and you can remotely start the scooter with a button! We don't guarantee that this feature will work on a classic scooter as it was designed for a lighter, modern motor. (If you don't have a starter, the system still works).
  5. Adaptable sensitivity detector to prevent false alarms.

Comes complete with two remotes and everything needed. Your scooter must have a 12v battery to use this system. You can add one if needed. We may substitute a similar model if this exact one is unavailable. Basic instructions with a diagram are provided. Sorry, we cannot tell you how to wire your scooter, however see the tech note for remote functionality for a classic Vespa.

Tech Notes

This is what we did to add the remote functionality for a Vespa PX; compare with yours:

  • To kill the motor with the remote: normally you would install on the driver's left, so you'll have to extend the grey and pink wires with an extra section, running them across to the motor side. On the motor side, the CDI has two green wires. You want to disconnect the one that goes to the ignition kill switch - the outside wire on the system we checked (the other goes to the stator). Pull it out and connect it to the pink wire. Now plug the grey wire into that slot on the CDI.
  • To start the motor with the remote: The starter relay has two sides, a big side where the plastic bit stands out furthest, and a smaller side where the plastic is thinner and doesn't stand out as much. Three wires from the alarm go to the relay switch. Red goes to the big side, double red. This is the one that connects to the battery. You can hook up the red wire straight to the battery if you like, positive side. Same thing. On the smaller side of the relay, orange goes to the one that sparks with the key on, and blue to no power. You can find the one that sparks with the key one by plugging a wire into one, then striking it against ground with the key on. Whichever sparks is the power.

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