Lambretta Halogen headlight bulb 12v 35/35w BA20D blue

Lambretta Halogen headlight  bulb 12v 35/35w BA20D blue

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70 grams


I popped out the headlight, and the bulb fit right into the holder. Nice beam pattern, without that big hole in the middle like the stock bulbs have... BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT.

Blue color.

Want great lights? This bulb, a BA20D shape, will fit in most Lambretta or classic Vespa scooters (not a sealed-beam PX), and Vespa ET4.( For Vespa SIEM 15mm bulb holders, see this bulb instead.) Also fits many Chinese scooters.

We add them to all our restorations. It pops right in - honest, no fiddling! - and you will see dramatically improved lighting. Note it is only for a 12 volt system (not a stock 6 volt system).

2 contacts.

Highly recommended!

Tech Notes

Don't touch the glass with your fingers. Oil from your skin can make the bulb heat up and blowout quickly. If you touch the glass, clean it off.

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