Vespa Floorboard replacement GS160

Vespa Floorboard replacement GS160

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3000 grams


  • I did the body and paint work on [the GS160]. The scootRS floorboard was a perfect fit. I've also used them for P series, Sprint and VBB. The quality was excellent on all of them.
  • I bought a floor for my GS160 Mk1 square tail from ScootRS, it fit perfect, no bending, very nice part.

Rusted? Replace it with this high-quality piece. Simply weld it in, though it might need a little tinkering with because of the curve. (Some have put the VLB type on an SS180 rather than this one.)


If sent alone by courier this item will have a boxed dimensional weight of around 6kg.

Tech Notes

Someone put up a page detailing the installation.

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