Air filter performance foam pod

Air filter performance foam pod

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190 grams



Atomic Performance chrome foam air filter for high-end performance.

Includes rubber mounts for both 35 and 48mm sizes.

  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Length of filter : 60mm

Fits directly onto our PWK carbs on a Vespa, or on a Lambretta by adding it to the top of a 22mm air hose. (See related products. Take the inside rubber piece, put it inside the carb bellow, then attach and use a clamp.)

It can also be made to fit directly onto other roundslides with a smaller mouth if the inner rubber piece is trimmed accordingly.

Tech Notes

  • You likely need to upjet afterward as you will be getting extra air flow with this filter compared to a regular one. This is a good thing, but check your jetting afterward. See our tech page for tuning info.
  • You need to oil the filter for it to be effective in blocking dust: occasionally wash with hot soapy water, rinse, dry, soak with oil and squeeze out excess. There are special oils such as Maxima Foam Filter Treatment sold elsewhere, or use a light motor oil. Oil not included.

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