Carburetor Keihin PWK 28mm

Carburetor Keihin PWK 28mm

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Note: We also sell a nice 28/30mm oval bore PWK carb and kits. Search for PWK.

This flatslide carb (technically a D-slide) is the same one you see elsewhere from some resellers. This is a slightly weird Keihin, maybe from Thailand. Then again, it's cheap and maybe you want a bargain?

This carb takes round main jets (6mm top, 5mm bottom, 8.5mm length), not the usual hex-style mains. (You can use hex style if you change the needle jet holder - try a Keihin dealer - and the carb bottom cover, which hits slightly if not swapped.)

Also, the float bowl inlet hole is quite small on the Europe stock ones; you might want to drill it larger as we've already done for you with Asia stock and add our new PWK float valve.

See our tech page for tuning info, and to read Scootering's review showing how a PWK-type blows away various Dell'Ortos and is easier to set up.

Includes carb only and comes with some unmarked jets/needle inside. You can order others separately. Manifold, rubber mount, round spare jets, foam filter, etc. must be ordered separately. To add to a Lambretta/Vespa, order our choke and throttle conversion kit. This carb needs a Japanese style throttle cable. See our Carbs - Jets section for all these items.

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