Vespa Rear tail light PX classic (GS160 style)

Vespa Rear tail light PX classic (GS160 style)

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400 grams



A very stylish change for a PX scooter!

Remove that god-awful taillight on the PX and replace it with a beautiful classic-style one as on a GS160, but specially made for a PX.

Polished high-pressure cast aluminum, not cheap plastic as Italian repros.

Why is the scootRS rear light the next best thing to NOS?

  1. This item is a high-pressure cast SIEM type replica and completely made inhouse by scootRS. The ones from Vietnam and Thailand and other Asian markets are cheap sand cast ones. Sand casting is rough and imprecise (also weaker but doesn't matter much here).
  2. Polished alloy always looks good unlike chromed ones - especially chromed sand cast alloy or plastic which doesn't hold chrome well. Chrome looks nice at first but will then chip or rust and look bad whatever the type. Our scootRS high-pressure casting will always polish up beautifully.
  3. The INSIDE is like original, with original wiring modules and reflective metal backing. All the cheap repros are made and wired wrong in various ways, nothing like original, and use plastic backing that melts. You'll notice they usually don't show you the inside.
  4. Great price! For example, one metal Italian repro is almost $200!

No gasket. Choose a black or gray gasket from the related products. Bulbs are not included. See related products. 

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Tech Notes

You will need to drill two holes to fit it but the light will cover the original holes. Also, if you switch back, the original light will cover the new holes, so no problems.

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