Vespa Legshield beading stainless steel

Vespa Legshield beading stainless steel

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  • V0904-SS-B1 (VB1)
  • V0904-SS-BB (VBB)
  • V0904-SS-LB (VLB)
  • V0904-SS-G6 (GS160)
  • V0904-SS-PX (PX)
700 grams


This is beautiful stainless steel beading to replace the standard rubber.

And very handy, too. If you ever scratch it up, it can always be sanded and polished again.

The PX option has a cutout for the glovebox so it will fit nicely!

Tech Notes

  • It is a bit tricky to mount. You likely have to adjust it with a rubber mallet or something to get it just perfect. Best to fit before painting. Not easy, but once mounted it is beautiful.
  • Uses little Allen key bolts to hold it on.

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