Vespa PX/10 inch tubeless wheel rim

Vespa PX/10 inch tubeless wheel rim

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  • V1705-TL-WH (White)
  • V1705-TL-SV (Silver)
  • V1705-TL-BL (Black)
  • V1705-TL-RD (Red)
1820 grams



  • [SRP Racetech race team, BSSO:] I finished the season by winning the Group 6 Championship. Ralph & I also won the Group 8 & Overall Sidecar Championship. There has been much interest in your tubeless rims, of which I cannot sing their praises enough.
  • A lot of the lads in my club have gone to tubeless on their TS1's and are all raving about them one lad had a 3 inch nail go into his tyre last year on the way to a rally (at high speed) and it gently went down - normally would have had him off.
  • One of my barrel fins went straight through my scootRS tubeless [tire] at high speed but still gave me time to get it under control and stop. If it was a tube I recon I would have lost it. No problems with fitting hub or tyre change.
  • I'm coming in to my second year now on these scootRS tubeless rims, covered some thousand odd miles, no problems as yet touch wood, feel a whole lot safer with these under me.
  • I've just used ScootRS rims for [riding to] Austria, 2,300+ miles up and down mountains, along motorways and hairpins and in all sorts of conditions/weather with no probs. Haven't used any kind of tyre seal but might do over the winter. Definitely recommend them to anyone.
  • a quick note to say how pleased i am with my lambretta tubeless rims, 10,000+ miles and not a problem, 2 punctures (1 with pillion), machine was controllable on both occasions, many many thanks
  • Over 7000 miles on ScootRS tubeless rims and I'm on my second set of tyres. No problems at all. I have only had to top up the air on 2 or 3 occasions over the last 3 years which indicates the quality of the valves and the seal on the bead.
  • Bonne surprise vient de l'ensemble Michelin S1 et jantes tublesse V3 ScootRS. C'est dingue mais ça change tout, c'est comme sur un nuage avec la super sensation d'avoir des roues mieux équilibré vif et stable a la fois.

With a modern tyre fitted to a tubeless wheel a sudden blowout is extremely unlikely. … ScootRS [is] the first through the chequered flag with their [tubeless] wheel. … They have proved to be very good quality. The tyre seems to seat satisfactorily against the rim and the wheel itself is both sufficiently true and a much better fit on a Lambretta hub than many of the poor-quality pattern Lambretta split-rims currently available. … The ScootRS wheels appear to be a major advance in safety.

2004 Lambretta tubeless review,
Scootering Magazine

Their first trip was on the rear of the scooter when it went two-up to Holland for a custom show soon after the article. Since then it has been to a rally and race-track in France, numerous places in the UK, as well as being used as a commuter scooter and workhorse.

Sometime during all this the tyre emigrated to the front of the scoot, and even after spending six months in the garage without being ridden while I was off enjoying the Vespa GTS, the PX was pushed back into service and the tyre with the ScootRS rim needed barely any air in it.

As such once complete and fitted the ScootRS rim has done exactly what it's meant to.

4-Year Vespa tubeless test update 2006-2010,
Scootering Magazine

A world first from ScootRS: tubeless rims.

In 2004 we released our v.1 tubeless rim into full production. It was quickly hailed by Scootering as the first of its kind in the world and “a major advance in safety”, and appeared in the 1st edition of the Lambretta Slimstyle workshop manual. Our current v.3 design incorporated a safety bead and various improvements and has provided outstanding rider safety since released in 2006.

Why switch to ScootRS tubeless rims?

  1. Enhanced safety - no blowouts.
    A tube can instantly and dangerously go flat as soon as your tire is punctured. That often means a crash. Scooterists are often hurt due to accidents caused by blowouts on old 2-piece rims.

    On a tubeless rim, however, you only have a slow air leak as on a car or any other modern vehicle. No tube = one less worry. That's the huge safety advantage and why we invented them for classic scooter riders.

    I have the ScootRS tubeless rims and Michelin S1s and was able to ride out a front flat at somewhere around 50 [mph].

    One other safety advantage: 2-piece rims rust inside as water gets in. With our 1-piece design that is not possible.

  2. Original look and fit.
    Only ScootRS tubeless rims look original on your classic scooter. They also fit as original, not offset at all, and do not require special nuts or changing all your hub studs as with other types.

  3. Easy enough to fit tires.
    Our tubeless rims are the easiest to fit tires to! Classic hubs are big so the tire tunnel must be smaller than on other vehicles, but steel allows us to maximize ours out to the stud holes. (Alloy types must be much thicker with a smaller tunnel and are thus harder to fit tires to.) 

    See our video below of how we mount a tire on our rims in only 45 seconds. If we can do it that easily, you can too!

  4. Trueness.
    Every ScootRS rim is turned on a lathe and checked. The trueness of our rims compared to the problems with standard types has been noted by both Scootering Magazine (above) and customers:

    I had the wheels balanced. The mechanic said they were very true, no different than countless others he's worked on for modern Vespas or motorcycles.

  5. A long-term proven record. PJ McLaverty on ScootRS tubeless rims
    We know our high-quality tubeless rims work as promised because they already have a proven record for reliability over many years on both the road and track. Our current v.3 was released back in 2006 and no rim has ever failed: not regular steel, not stainless steel, zero. The number of accidents prevented around the world to date is staggering. Please read the quotes from actual customers and race teams.

Buy our tubeless tires - see related products - and we'll mount them for you! Much easier for you. Be sure to add a comment at checkout to mount the tires so we know. (Asia stock only.)

These rims are 3.5x10 and fit most 10 inch Vespas: Sprint, TS, GT-R, Rally, T5, PX and smallframes (like PK, ET3, 90, 100, 125) but only if using 5-bolt hubs. Also Bajaj Chetak 4-stroke. (Not GS160/SS180.)

Valves are not included so you can choose your own type. Please read the tech notes in full.

Don't be fooled by knockoffs missing our safety features:

  • I can vouch for the ScootRS rims as I have done 7,400 miles on a set, had 3 lots of tyres on with no probs and am ordering some for my Vespa. There are a lot of Spaq/Sterling [knockoffs] about that, having looked at them, don't appear to be made to the same standard.
  • I recently visited a newish local scooter shop that sells another [knockoff] version and I have to say the quality of them looked awful.

Check and ask for the “ScootRS” stamp by name.

Tech Notes

  • Valves are not included so you can fit your preferred type after. The easiest to fit are bolt-in valves, 11.5mm. See the related products.
  • When putting the rims on, spin and check that your valves do not hit the front or rear hub.
  • With a hydraulic disc brake kit you might need to file a little off the back corner of the disc caliper to clear the rim.
  • The wheel studs come out a tiny bit higher than on a regular two-sided rim, so be careful that domed nuts or nylocs don't bottom out on the studs without touching the rim or they will be loose or you can break off a stud when tightening up.
  • Add a puncture repair kit to your toolbox. See the related products.
  • For use with standard size tires but they must say “Tubeless” on them.

Fitting tires:

  • The inner well cannot be as deep as on other vehicles because of the big original hub, so tires are harder to fit/remove. Fitting by hand is how we do it, see our video below. Fitting on a machine is fine if the operator is careful and can do small rims. Use flat tire irons, or a protector to spread the force out, otherwise you might bend the lip, especially when removing a tire because the lip has less support in that direction. If replacing old tires, you can also just cut them off.
  • To replace a valve, do not remove the tire, just push it over to one side and change the valve.
  • See our tech page for videos on how to fit, inflate and remove tires. In this video, we show how to mount a tire in only 45 seconds (in sandals on your lunch break).. If we can do it that easily, anyone can!

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