Lambretta Air hose 22mm

Lambretta Air hose 22mm

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100 grams
Orignal Part:


  • The best airhose that I have tried so far is the ScootRS one. I have done millions of carb cleanings, but the hose is still very strong.
  • I agree. I like to use them on all my scooters. Don't know what it is about the rubber they use. It's very good.

Atomic Ricambi Originali high-quality replacement spare part for the Lambretta air hose.

The Italian repro air hoses are just OK but vastly overpriced. The Indian repros are terrible: rough, too soft (fold up and block air flow), and they crack easily.

These Atomic spares are great quality at a reasonable price.

This air hose is for 22mm Dell'Orto/Jetex/Spaco carburetors (not the original 20mm carbs on most S3). As well, it can be stretched onto PWK and other modern type carbs and used with our foam pod filter on top.

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