Lambretta Ignition switch

Lambretta Ignition switch

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160 grams
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  • Best ignition switch I've ever brought for a Lamby.
  • ScootRS do a nice little ignition switch. Works perfectly.
  • Bought one from ScootRS over a year ago, wired it according to their diagram, has worked perfectly ever since.
  • I got one of the ScootRS ignition switches for my 125 Special and it works really well. I had an Indian one before that and had nothing but trouble with it.
  • the ScootRS one has been on for over a year with no probs and was about £30 cheaper than a Casa one
  • >>all new electrics including a new Casa ignition switch. Fine for 1st MOT then lost front and rear lights.
    >>I had a Casa ignition switch do the EXACT same thing. No lights.
    Or you could buy a ScootRS one, good quality and cheap too.
  • Not all Casa electrical is Italian, some of it is Indian just repackaged. To be honest, the ScootRS ones look better quality.

Atomic Ricambi Originali top quality Lambretta ignition switch.

Worn out switch? Poor Indian switches regularly failing? Shocked by the prices on UK or Italian (Indian made) repros up towards $100 which often fail too? Get this excellent quality ignition switch for Lambrettas at a very reasonable price.


  • Fits and looks like original!
  • Even the keys look almost original.
  • AC or DC - works with or without a battery.
  • Extra wires to power DC battery items when switched on (spotlights, etc.).
  • Diagram included.

Tech Notes

  • Originality freaks: this switch does away with the useless middle key position where only the tiny sidelight/parking light comes on. (Have you ever used it by itself?) The parking light wires join with the regular lights wire so they work together (or can be left unconnected if you prefer).
  • On Lambrettas with only a kill-button like LI, you might need to file around the hole a bit to make room for a full switch.
  • Push in a little before you turn as the key is blocked from turning too easily to prevent accidentally changing position.

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