Vespa Side stand stainless steel

Vespa Side stand stainless steel

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1800 grams


Stainless steel.

This stand will fit any largeframe Vespa. On an 8 inch scooter, you can bend the leg outward a little.

Unlike cheap stands, this stand has a large plate that fits across the length of the frame to distribute weight evenly and ensure no bending of your frame. That means it weighs more, but works very well.

It can fit with your regular stand on too, so you can use either one.

Tech Notes

You need to drill four holes in the sidestand plate. Remove your stand, put the sidestand in place underneath, mark the four bolt holes (where the stand was attached), then drill those holes in the plate and attach. If you want your regular stand as well, just put it on below the plate, then bolt up.

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