Hydraulic brake hose stainless steel 112cm

Hydraulic brake hose stainless steel 112cm

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135 grams



Braided stainless steel hydraulic brake hose. Made inhouse!

112cm in total including including 30 and 45 degree banjo fixings. (For going in through the support, also get a 65 degree banjo.)

Perfect length for our Lambretta disc brake kits going though the handlebar mount or headset and up from the caliper. (For looping around the wheel with the speedo cable, order our 2m hose instead and cut to length.)

Unlike many others for sale, the ends are not pressed on, they come off, so that means you can make a much smaller hole in your bodywork and run the hose through then attach the ends after. 8mm thick. (A rubber one is 10.5mm but also has large pressed-on ends.)

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