Rear rack 3-in-1 Vespa stainless steel (no pad)

Rear rack 3-in-1 Vespa stainless steel (no pad)

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  • PV1811-SS-B1 (VB1)
  • PV1811-SS-BB (VBB)
  • PV1811-SS (VLB)
  • PV1811-SS-G6 (GS160)
  • PV1811-SS-PX (PX)
3000 grams


Stainless steel, much lighter than chrome.

Includes a backrest, sparewheel holder, and a fold-down rack. Now includes side rail grips for PX!

VLB-type will fit similar models if using 10 inch wheels: Rally, GL, or VBB if using 10 inch, etc. VBB type (fits VBC, etc.) is 8 inch. So is VB1.

Note: Order the pad separately! See related products.

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