Vespa Legshield crashbar stainless steel

Vespa Legshield crashbar stainless steel

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  • PV1818-SS-B1 (VB1)
  • PV1818-SS-BB (VBB)
  • PV1818-SS (VLB)
  • PV1818-SS-G6 (GS160)
  • PV1818-SS-PX (PX)
1400 grams


Stainless steel, much lighter than chrome.

Protect yourself.

Choose the style of body as an option. For example, VLB fits Rally, VBC, GT types. VB1 type fits widebody types like GS150.

Courier shipping: because of its size if sent by courier this will have a dimensional weight of around 15 kgs, so you should order other items to fit in the same box that add up to that weight anyway.



Tech Notes

Requires 2 holes in the front.

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