Lambretta Deluxe wheel rim stainless steel

Lambretta Deluxe wheel rim stainless steel

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1720 grams
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  • The stainless rims are amazing! thanks for great parts, customer service and speedy shipping.
  • These are beautifully crafted and a great value.
  • I have a set of their Atomic polished stainless steel rims. I have to say quality is tops and I ran several different tests to check for trueness and roundness and no issue. I compared them to some original Innocenti, Serveta and an Indian set that might as well been square with oval stud holes. I also bought some of the chrome versions (best chrome I've seen yet) for a friend and know a few people have bought them and not a single issue. The removable studs are nice. Worked on a friends Lambretta and the Original Innocenti items studs all fell out. ScootRS has raised the level with these.

Atomic Ricambi Originali high-quality Lambretta wheel rim.

Beautiful high quality stainless steel. No rust and they will always polish up to a shiny finish.

Atomic are the best quality rims available.


  1. Strong: quality materials, and not too thin like some repros
  2. Straight: all rims are checked on a lathe to make sure they rotate nicely
  3. Beautiful: nice finish!
  4. Smart: excellent studs you can actually change if ever needed for chroming, etc. Only these rims have this feature!

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