Lambretta and Vespa parts

(ScootRS factory video, stamping Lambretta disc i-caps.)

We just got 2 more bikes to restore and we are going to order several items for their restoration over the next few weeks. We have been extremely busy and we are so satisfied with the quality of your product that we are going to use you guys as our number one parts source. You have proven to us to be a top notch company and totally reliable in every respect.
I would like to express through these pages the excellent products scootRS have for sale. I received today my shipment, taking into account 2 public holidays, just 4 days after being dispatched [to the UK]. The quality is fantastic and is matched by the prices. Each item individually wrapped ensuring no travel problems. I can't recommend them enough, you can even track your order during shipping. A first class operation.

Fraud Alert: We've had reports of places reselling Vietnam local market items but telling customers they are ScootRS items. Be aware of sandcast disc brakes, stainless rims that crack, and other low-end “Spaq/Sterling” lookalike items. If you have been the victim of fraud, please contact us.

How to order parts

  1. Choose a Lambretta, Vespa, Honda, etc. category in the Parts menu on the left.
  2. Choose your preferred stock settings at the top of any category/product page such as sorting, currency, etc.
  3. At checkout the website will estimate the shipping for you. Then cancel or pay.
At checkout you will see the available shipping services/times/costs and how to handle any slow items.
Items do not always ship immediately. Most go out the same day (and courier takes only 2+ days!), but some we have to make, depends how busy we are. See the options at Checkout, and your Account History for updates after.
ScootRS SKU numbers:
Follow these original part books to easily find items onsite:
Look up the part you want in a book above and it will be in the same place on our website! The first letter(s) in our part numbers is the type (V=Vespa, L=Lambretta, LT=Series 2, LD=LD), then the section (01, 02, etc.), then the drawing number in that section, then any variation. E.g., V0329 (Vespa section 3, drawing 29) is a VLB-type cruciform, and V0329-PX is a PX-type cruciform.
Part types:
All Vespa parts fit VLB Sprint type models unless noted otherwise.
Check what scooter models are similar.
Search by name/SKU/original SKU/description, and by type also.

If you have any questions, please see the help page.

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