Our Scooter Restoration

Original 1960s Italian Vespa and Lambretta scooters, finished already or custom-designed by you online with the colors and options you want, and restored firsthand in our award-winning shop. What more could you ask for, delivery to your door?

Our Work

If not finished and available already, after you choose your model and custom-design your restoration online with the colors and options you want, we start to work on it.

First of all, we start with an Italian model (not a cheap Indian model or engine) and the body and engine are completely taken apart, and every single piece is examined. The engine is stripped, blasted clean, and rebuilt. Models vary, but, for example, you get:

All-New Engine Parts

I disassembled it and if there was any doubt about the quality of the parts in the crankcase, it's gone now. All of the parts are new and good quality - as advertised. The porting work was very clean and professional.
My Vespa has a '66 Super engine but is the equivalent of a new LML or Vespa PX motor. [....] I've got the classic look I wanted, but with modern dependability. I can find no signs of a “bodged” part anywhere (nor could my local Vespa dealer who's gave it a clean bill of health after a thorough inspection).

Stop worrying. Select one of our all-new engine options (case is original) and you then have a classic scooter with a safe, reliable, and powerful engine, and no need to worry about some critical worn-out or bodged part failing on you.

You can also count on getting an Italian engine rebuilt with many top-quality extras you don't get elsewhere, not a basic back-alley Indian engine.

Base restoration includes a reconditioned case and these new parts:


Lambretta parts all engine parts (cylinder kit, stronger GP crankshaft, gears, clutch parts, layshaft, gear cursor, selector arm, front sprocket parts, etc.), lightened 12v CDI (electronic ignition) flywheel, magneto housing, Surflex clutch plates, best Iwis/Regina chain, race-style chain tensioners top and bottom, all best-quality bearings (FAG/SKF/INA/Japanese), all seals (Rolf, etc.), all gaskets, all wiring and electronic parts, ignition, headset bushings, 12v halogen headlight, horn, rear hub, [disc,] brake pads, rims, tires, [front shocks,] new/rebuilt rear shock, all speedometer parts, lenses, locks, cables, rubber and plastic trim, upgraded PWK D-slide carburetor, fuel tap, air filter, exhaust, engine mounts, stand, all bushings and hardware, etc.


Lambretta parts all engine parts (cylinder kit, crankshaft, gears, mainshaft, clutch assembly, etc.), 12v CDI (electronic ignition) flywheel, all best-quality bearings (FAG/SKF/Torrington/Japanese), all seals, all gaskets, all wiring and electronic parts, 12v halogen headlight, all speedometer parts, front and rear hubs, brake pads, rims, tires, front and rear shocks, lenses, locks, cables, rubber and plastic trim, upgraded 20/20 carburetor (includes porting work), air filter, exhaust, engine mounts, stand, all bushings and hardware, etc.

(We also have a no-engine-work option if you have your own engine to install. Basically, you'll only get an old case and a few worn-out parts inside.)

We'd use the old parts but they are almost always in bad shape, worn-out and welded up to keep them going on local roads. We throw them all away. This applies to the gears, layshaft, crankshaft, flywheel, sprockets, etc. Be extremely wary of scooters coming from anywhere in Asia (and even Italy) that are said to be “fully-restored” but where the so-called “original” parts are worn-out.

The body itself is first dry-built to fit body parts exactly. Any damaged metal - e.g., often in the Vespa floorboard area or Lambretta rear licence plate area - is fixed properly by welding in new metal, then any dings are fixed by hand, by hammer and dolly. (With our GP200, you also get some new body pieces.) The body is then disassembled again, stripped to bare metal, and painted with the best quality paint: primer, color, and a protective gloss. External items are chromed, zinc plated, or re-polished. Some hardware is replaced with high quality stainless steel. The seat is new or re-sprung and re-covered. A spare-wheel unit is included.

Once reassembled, the scooter is properly broken in: warmed up the first few times, then given a short test drive, then longer and longer test drives, with any needed adjustments made in between.

That's quite a list of work and ensures that the quality of the engine and scooter is what you would expect. (See the awards our scooters have won, and magazine reviews.) You can also rest assured as to the quality of the new parts used. We import a full line of new parts from many countries around the world - for example, best quality German Iwis chains, not cheap ones - and the last thing we want after sending a scooter off is an email telling us that a new part has failed. How do you know? Because we have a guarantee.

Read below about your options when designing your scooter.

How long will it take? The latest restoration estimate is always on the scooters start page.

Your Design

Are you a racer? a Sunday driver? A student on a budget? How do we know? Customize your scooter exactly as you want, choosing from amongst the most amazing array of options in the world - and for much less than anywhere else.

Following are just some of the options we offer:

Vespa cylinder porting and reed-valve

With Vespas we automatically upgrade the old 2-port system to a better 5-port cylinder system. Piaggio switched to a 3-port system on the Sprint Veloce, and a 5-port was used on some later Vespas and Vespa clones. The extra porting allows better fuel flow through the cylinder, thus more power. Additionally, we can redo the case to fit a reed-valve under the carb; once done the change is barely noticable. These are great and reliable improvements in power (same as on the recent LML/Bajaj engines), especially when combined with our tuned exhaust. A beautiful classic Vespa that is amazingly drivable with an all-new 5-port CDI reed-valve 7-spring clutch engine (even 10-inch wheeled with matching gears)? A scootRS innovation at which we are the pros.

Lambretta 200cc

Had 225 Mugello kit fitted to scoot, really powerful now. Just wondered what carb you use on your Mugellos. The guy that fitted it and did all the porting work seems to think that the PWK one that you fitted originally will be fine. By the way, he said the work on the engine was first class, especially the way you welded the crankcase to take the 200 barrel. He also said that the port timings were spot on and he liked the lightened flywheel, so thanks for that.
ScootRS did a 150 to 200 conversion on mine and 8 years later still running good. Looks great!

With Lambrettas, you have the option of upgrading to 200cc for very little more. We weld and machine the case mouth only to accept a 200 cylinder, which is the only difference in cases. Everything is machined accurately inhouse using our molds. After we are done, it is difficult even to see where the change was made. A 200cc LI Special with electronic ignition, 30mm carb, and tuned exhaust? Very nice.

Cylinder kits

If you want speed, we offer various cylinder kits such as AF Rayspeed's various RB22, TS1, Rapido kits, Mugello/Imola 186, Polini 177, etc. - basically any kit you want, Lambretta or Vespa. Included is a race crankshaft and usually a 28/30mm PWK carb (normally you'd add a tuned exhaust). Dual tank and hydraulic disc options are recommended. Go faster or much faster!

Electric starter

Want to be the coolest person in your area? Another scootRS innovation is an electric starter option for Lambrettas, just as on a new scooter. Of course you can use the kickstart, but there is no need anymore unless the battery is dead. Just push the red button neatly attached below the light switch and the engine kicks in.

More power

Power mad? Because two-strokes rely so heavily on the exhaust for performance, a tuned exhaust is a must. With Lambrettas, start with a 200cc engine. You're getting a stage 4+ tuned cylinder, all nicely polished, and we've already upgraded you to a 24mm modern PWK carb, which is much better than the poor, smaller stock carbs. To go further, get a tuned exhaust and bump the carb up to 28/30mm. It's a great combination and was dyno tested in the UK at over 15hp (35% increase over a stock SX200). With a Vespa, go for a 5-port engine and finish off with a tuned exhaust and 24mm PWK carb. Extremely zippy. (If you want a special kit, just ask.)

Lambretta performance parts

For Lambrettas we have some other cool performance options. Our hydraulic front disc brake will give you excellent stopping power, just as on a new scooter. Fill up as usual, but go 50% further with our dual-tank system, where we convert the toolbox to a second, linked tank. Dropbars lower your riding position and, well, just look cool. They must be matched with a lower race seat. Our eRacer and Stop-and-Go packages make it easy to add these options and save a little.

Beautiful trim and more

Many other options are available when you order, most being external items, so you can easily configure the scooter you want: 10 inch wheel system, shocks, exhausts, chrome accessories, stainless steel trim, gloveboxes, leather seats, etc. Whatever your style.

Take a look at the Photo Library, the various model pages, then go ahead and choose a model to configure and see the price. If you then have any questions, just ask. That's what we're here for.