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Endurance scootering
May. 26, 2008, 10:48 AM

Julio writes in to let you to know about his long-distance scootering in Oz. OK, it's a Honda but this is endurance riding after all.

Julio Languiller has now achieved 3 world 24 hour endurance records set on Honda motor scooters.

This event is not about speed, it is to promote the motor scooter as a very viable form of transport whether in the City and Suburbs or open country. The focus will be on endurance, safety and economy and as with the earlier records, powered by Julio's passion for motor scootering and his sheer determination to test his own personal endurance.

While having just turned 50 years of age in June 2006, Julio has been riding motor cycles and scooters now for many years both here in Australia and other parts of the world.

Scootering around Australia sets a huge new dimension of endurance to be riding the scooter for 10 to 14 hrs per day for at least 15 days around Australia.

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Cold Weather Challenge
Mar. 1, 2004, 8:14 PM

The Cold Weather Challenge winner is in, and it turned out to be a scooter customer of ours:

R.J. Neumeister, -14 F, 11.8 miles:
I just finished my ride on my 2000 Honda Helix with sidecar here in balmy Platteville Wisconsin. It was -14 F by the Anchorbank Time and Temperature sign. It was about midnight January 30/31 and I scootered 11.8 miles with a top speed of 45 mph. I used my sidecar scooter because of the snow and ice on the roads here. Usually I favor my 1995 Yamaha Riva 125 for my cold weather riding. I have other scooters as well but these two are the ones I use the most in the cold weather months. I ride all year round because it's more fun than driving my truck. I'll be riding again tomorrow but we are supposed to get a warming trend over the next few days.

Read about all the craziness.

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