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Small update
May. 24, 2016, 1:35 PM

This is just a quick note to anyone waiting on a refund that they will be completed today.

Regarding updates, we currently don't have any staff to answer emails in English, but we're working normally behind the scenes, sending orders every day as we always have. 

We have to apologize to our customers for any delays now. Unfortunately, the previous customer service person was incredibly irresponsible and ran off without any notice at all after questioned about hours worked. We found he had secretly cut his hours in half, no longer doing the evening and weekend hours which he had requested to collect full-time pay. That was hidden from the company while we kept asking about problems recurring with customer service. As well, we found a big mess to decipher with orders sent but not marked, orders not sent but marked, orders left hanging for months for no reason at all while doing nothing about requests, customer emails deleted unanswered in the email trash, etc., etc., etc. 

We mention that so you understand we have had a lot to do and that has caused some delays. If you walked into the shop, or if you phoned and spoke Vietnamese, that's OK but just not in English right now, sorry. Updates within your account onsite are actually sent in Vietnamese, so those are followed by staff no problem.

Thank you for your patience.

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Vespa PX hydraulic disc brake review
Nov. 26, 2013, 1:41 PM

A nice email today about our Vespa PX hydraulic disc brake system:

Vespa PX hydraulic disc brake review

Dear ScootRS

I have just received your hydraulic front brake unit for the Vespa PX and i am blown away by the quality of your product.

Everything including the packaging was top class and i was so impressed that the brake calliper was actually red instead of gold as shown on the site as i now dont have to paint it red as i was planning. The quality of finish on the hub itself was second to none and I am just gutted you couldnt have supplied one in black as i will have to repaint this to match my scooter.

Even the stainless hoses, banjos and the fact you supplied the hub with chromed dome nuts are all testament to what a great choice i made to use ScootRS - i will defintely be using you again in the future.

Thanks for the kind words - please let your friends and others know if you can.

By the way, we can do special colors by request; let us know when ordering.

Vespa PX hydraulic disc brake

We do need to update the photo to show the red caliper too, thanks for the reminder. Some photos of that in our scooter photo section.

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ScootRS parts in Argentina
Aug. 19, 2013, 3:29 PM

A nice email from Argentina today:

Hello, I have received the package. Thank you very much.

I am very satisfied with everything so I hope to continue applying for your services.

Great, thank you!

If curious, here you can see all the countries ScootRS have shipped to so far.

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ScootRS commended for EXCELLENT after sales service
May. 30, 2013, 7:30 AM

A great customer email yesterday about our service:

Can I take a minute to commend you on your EXCELLENT after sales service.

I bought this [Vespa] CDI kit years ago and for reasons out of my control haven't been able to finish the Vespa it belongs too.

To email years later and ask for some old instructions and get a reply in an hour is just fantastic.

Thank you.

Great, glad you like our service! Please pass that along and let others know!

We try very hard to offer good and fast service on quality parts at great prices. And we love to hear your feedback whether you like something or want to point out something that can be improved, so send in those email, please!

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ScootRS restored Lambretta delivers the goods at a mod wedding
Dec. 19, 2012, 2:31 PM

Fun email today about a wedding involving a beautiful award-winning Lambretta scooter we restored 5 long years ago (see the uncrating video), still going strong and looking fabulous:

Hi all at ScootRS, check out one of your most famous creations in my local paper, I used the scooter to take the groom to the church.

After all these years it looks as good as the day I uncrated it.

Nice! Congratulations to the bride and groom. And to you as well for keeping the scooter so nice given its constant use over 5 years. 

Here's the story in the newspaper. And here's one photo of the couple:

ScootRS Lambretta at a mod wedding

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Recent ScootRS customer feedback and parts reviews
Nov. 20, 2012, 9:02 AM

Some recent ScootRS customer emails with feedback and reviews of items:

So far the level of service and communication has been exceptional, looking forward to receiving my order now!

[Wholesale customer:] I have been having a look at the quality of the parts [another UK shop] has purchased from you and decided to place an order directly with you as it seems much better than the quality of [a different supplier's] parts.

I do appreciate for your technical advice. I'm sure you are the most helpful shop in the market.

>>Hi, just checking in to see how you like the new Atomic Vespa handlebar adjustable levers.
Very nice indeed, excellent quality, I am very impressed with them.

>>Hi, just checking in to see how you like the new Atomic Lambretta handlebar adjustable levers.
They are working out great. The right hand one is a must for the disk brake. The feel is much better and adjusting it to fit my hand works great. The left hand one is fantastic during those LONG rally rides. No hand strain and if the cable stretches a little you can just make a quick adjustment on the ride.

Bought our Lambretta from ScootRS 6 years ago no problems as yet.

You guys did such a good job on the scoot though, my local scooter shop is very happy with it.

I got the refund! TOO COOL! Thank you for working with me and making me feel appreciated and taken care of - you have earned my business and I think I see a disk brake kit in the near future! LOL! Thanks again.

Thanks for all the great feedback!

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Message from a cool guy restoring scooters for a hobby
Nov. 12, 2012, 9:34 AM

Email message from a cool guy who restores scooters for a hobby:

I have buying parts from you for about 5 yr, I renovate scooters as a hobby, I'm 75 yrs old, and worked at the local scooter dealer when I was a kid. 

When I get a new project I get a parts list and send to you, I think I'm on number 16, I kind of like Lambrettas best but have done Vespas, Zundapps, Fujis.

I got 2 of your scooter covers yesterday and really like them, they fit just right. I also got a cylinder cowl for my VB1 that you say won't fit, I will let you know. 

Today I'm working on 3 Lambrettas and one Vespa. I do all the work myself, paint, mechanical, electrics.

Vespa Cylinder cowl VN2/VL/VB1

So it warmed up a little today and I fitted the V0101-L1 cowl to my 1958 VB1 150. It fits like a glove, no bending or massaging, slid right on and bolted up.

Hope this helps your listing.

It does, thanks! There are so many different Vespa (and Lambretta) models, customer feedback like this really helps. 

Glad you like the parts and that we can help you to enjoy your hobby.

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Forum reviews of Vespa GTS/LX/S/ET parts and accessories
Nov. 7, 2012, 2:07 PM

Here's what actual customers have posted on various forums about our modern Vespa spares and accessories:

  • Great service and really good product quality!!!
  • Leder-Liebhaber eine verhältnismäßig günstige Alternative zu der Original-Ledersitzbank. Der Bezug sitzt wie angegossen auf einer GTS 125. Die Qualität scheint mir sehr gut zu sein, das Service war in puncto Geschwindigkeit aussergewöhnlich Translation: Lovely leather, a relatively cheap alternative to the original leather seat. The cover fits like a glove on a GTS 125. The quality seems to be very good, the service was exceptional in terms of speed.
  • The knee pads seem very well made and look the mutts nuts.
  • Ich hab Sie bestellt bei [ScootRS] und gibts keine Probleme zwecks Qualität. Translation: I've ordered at [ScootRS] and there are no problems for the purpose of quality.
  • I bought a stainless one from ScootRS a couple of weeks ago and it's good quality. Was with me in 5 days.
  • Die Teile sind alle angekommen, gute Verarbeitung, paßgenau, keine Probleme. Translation:The parts have all arrived, well made, exact fit, no problems.
  • They do make the scoot stand out from the norm :-)

Nice, thanks! We appreciate your emails too.

See our Vespa GTS parts, Vespa LX/S parts, and Vespa ET parts here, both spares and accessories.

Remember: on forums, ALWAYS listen ONLY to actual customers for feedback and fact-based firsthand reviews because too many anonymous posters are associated with competitors or hiding their own interests. And always ignore forum warrior types trying to scare people into blindly following them. See firsthand, think for yourself then let other people know!

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Atomic Lambretta reed-valve kit customer review
Aug. 14, 2012, 4:30 PM

Well, not so much a review really but a customer sent in an email with some photos of his scooter after fitting the Atomic Lambretta reed-valve kit and said:


easy to start.

Atomic Lambretta reed-valve kit

Hmm, he looks vaguely familiar... Nice Lambretta! Click for the 2nd photo of the kit mounted.

(By the way, the 150-175 version will be available shortly, check back in a week.)

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More customer reviews of ScootRS
Aug. 10, 2012, 10:16 PM

Some recent customer emails, this first one from a UK scooterist who was very disappointed by deceptive practices at a UK shop, then ordered from us and wrote back:

Thank you ScootRS . I appreciate your prompt reply . Thank you once again for being so forthcoming with the accuracy i was anticipating and had no doubt i would receive . We are all accountable , even i , for discrepancies that we enlist for the sake of a service or sale of a product that we provide .

the bar is going to be lifted and you as a team , today , have well and truly cleared it . Praise of you and your attitude shall be forthcoming . All the best.

And about our Lambretta SX150 panels:

Big thanks from the IoW. Panels arrived today. Fit like a dream.

Will be back for more of your great service.

Thanks again

And one in Spanish about our "quick and attentive" service:

gracias por su respuestas, como siempre muy atentos y rapidos.

ademas de tener buenos precios y muy buena calidad ya q ya hice un pedido con ustedes y el otro esta en camino.

desde ya gracias.

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