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Liberation (from Yankee imperialists) Day
Apr. 28, 2011, 10:35 AM

We'll be closed the 30th for Liberation (from Yankee imperialists) Day, and then Labor Day. We'll re-open on the 3rd.

Check this old flag-waving blog entry on the subject from 2001! 

(Bonus old blog entry: The Vespa song.)

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ScootRS customer complaints
Apr. 27, 2011, 9:34 AM

A few customer emails we received just recently :

Australia: I think that you guys are some of the most professional in this business and it really is great doing business with you!

Malaysia: Thank you very much for your quick response. I am very satisfied with your service.

England: I have just received the special washer that you kindly sent to me for my front brake set-up. Thats what I call great service, many thanks indeed.

USA: Thank you for the quick shipment. Very satisfied with the quality of the products. Will be placing another order in the near future.

Brazil: I've bought your disk brake kit. Great build. I've had my hopes high, but the build standard is even higher.

South Africa: i just want to say thank you very much. i recieved my package and very pleased with the quality. everything fits perfectly.

Turkey: I got my items few minutes ago, all parts are perfect and quality, thanks for all, good job...

Customers! Always complaining about problems with the quality of Lambretta & Vespa scooter parts and service, aren't they? ;-)

What's actually interesting here is the variety of countries and how incredibly international our industry is - which is why a few forums, industry "leaders" and a magazine like Scootering need to eliminate double standards.

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Let's bet: is this Lambretta LD CDI (electronic ignition) kit fan CNC'd?
Apr. 25, 2011, 11:51 PM

We posted a photo of our first sample CNC fan back for our upcoming Lambretta LD CDI (electronic ignition) kit. Here's the test fitting to make sure it fits the new flywheel type:

Lambretta LD CDI (electronic ignition) kit

The funny part came afterward: "experts" and others claimed it was definitely not CNC'd and we were misleading the public and, not only that, don't have a clue. Others demanded video proof. If you have nothing to hide, then prove you're not beating your wife, will ya?

Wow. Very odd. Are fake CNC LD fans a huge problem? 

So for fun we said sure, and bet them $1000 with video proof of it being made. As you can imagine, the waffling and backtracking began immediately. When we wake up tomorrow we'll report back if they have taken the bet or retracted.

Look yourself. Who do you think is right?

So we woke up today to find... they have chickened out of the bet, of course.

Why is it always people with big (insulting) mouths attacking others on forums that can never back up their words, or even retract them in an honourable way?

Whatever happened to friendly and intelligent discussion?

§2 The intellectual conscience

I keep having the same experience and keep resisting it every time. I do not want to believe it although it is palpable: the great majority of people lacks an intellectual conscience. Indeed, it has often seemed to me as if anyone calling for an intellectual conscience were as lonely in the most densely populated cities as if he were in a desert. Everybody looks at you with strange eyes and goes right on handling his scales, calling this good and that evil. Nobody even blushes when you intimate that their weights are underweight; nor do people feel outraged; they merely laugh at your doubts. I mean: the great majority of people does not consider it contemptible to believe this or that and to live accordingly, without first having given themselves an account of the final and most certain reasons pro and con, and without even troubling themselves about such reasons afterward: the most gifted men and the noblest women still belong to this "great majority." But what is goodheartedness, refinement, or genius to me, when the person who has these virtues tolerates slack feelings in his faith and judgments and when he does not account the desire for certainty as his inmost craving and deepest distress—as that which separates the higher human beings from the lower.

Among some pious people I found a hatred of reason and was well disposed to them for that; for this at least betrayed their bad intellectual conscience. But to stand in the midst of this rerum concordia discors [discordant concord of things] and of this whole marvelous uncertainty and rich ambiguity of existence without questioning, without trembling with the craving and the rapture of such questioning, without at least hating the person who questions, perhaps even finding him faintly amusing—that is what I feel to be contemptible, and this is the feeling for which I look first in everybody. Some folly keeps persuading me that every human being has this feeling, simply because he is human. This is my type of injustice.


>>it is obvious to anyone the flywheel [fan] is a cast item which had been cleaned up on a lathe

Is it? We'll see, because someone finally stood up for fair argument against a tiny mob too afraid to back up its own words (but wanting instead to silence those who do) and has bet £50 to settle the "debate" in a friendly manner.

We accept and will post a video, hopefully tomorrow or the next. The item takes a long time to make, but we'll film a bit of making one. Later we'll have more done for our CDI kits.

Proceeds will go to a charity of the winner's choosing.

Btw, it isn't "customer" care when you debunk internet warriors posting false rumours and attacks. As you can see, they do it no matter what - in this case after a photo was simply posted to let people know about a cool new item (from foreigners)! And then they will complain about any reply no matter what because they want to be free to mislead others.

We care what actual customers say about ScootRS products & service.


So, after being attacked as deceptive, clueless, lying, barking mad, etc., I guess we won the bet ;-) 

It just shows you should never listen to loudmouths on the internet, only those who discuss things in a civil rational manner. It doesn't matter if you agree or not.

A funny follow-up email today from the UK:

i was reading on a forum someone saying your new fan is not CNC'd, tell them if it is will they let you --- up their ---!!

I been buying and using your parts for years, and you are the no.1 asian supplier, in fact i consider you as good as [famous UK shop], etc, you make more parts for scooters than anyone i know !! i been in to lambretta's for over 35 years now. everyone who knows anything about lambretta's here in the UK says good stuff about you guys.

keep up the good work and cheap parts, i just wish the exchange rate would change to make parts even cheaper, hope you enjoy the video. your exhaust sounds great ! and loads of parts on this lambretta come from you. thanks.

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More problems with parts at ScootRS
Apr. 21, 2011, 8:11 AM

Someone had a part problem so tried making a special request yesterday about one of our ScootRS parts to help him save time and money. We replied yes, no extra charge. 

Star man, I have to say I was expecting the standard response! That will save me a load of work, thank you.

With service like this you'll be hearing more from me and the club.

We try to meet special requests from customers and, given that we are selling to you direct from our factory with no middlemen, we often can. No scams, no ripoffs, no crazy prices on quality Lambretta & Vespa parts.

Here's another recent example of someone having a problem with a part and how ScootRS responded:

April 2nd: I have a broken rear brake pedal return spring on a 1958 LD150 Lambretta. Is the correct spring for this scooter your LI6051?

April 2nd: It's not the same. We don't yet sell that. Will let you know if we can.

April 20th: We made one and will put it on the new parts page soon.

And here it is:

Lambretta LD rear brake pedal spring. Elsewhere $6+. Our price, $2.49. –And if you think that means a poor quality part, we can let you pay $5.99 ;-)

Lambretta LD rear brake pedal spring

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Are Martin Sticky Round and Scootering Magazine biased against foreigners?
Apr. 20, 2011, 7:26 PM

Nationalism is a joke to anyone with an open mind. On local scooter forums around the world discussion is often ruined for everyone by a few who either dislike foreigners or are willing to campaign for a local shop at the expense of truth, civility and international friendship. (Support local shops, but no need to attack others to do it!) It is a much more serious problem, though, with people who should be responsible leaders of an international industry and hobby. 

What do you think of this issue of nationalistic bias amongst leaders of our international industry and hobby - scootering? 

Are Martin "Sticky" Round and Scootering Magazine biased against foreigners?

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SOLD for $19.13! Europe COUNTDOWN: Carburetor Keihin PWK 28mm
Apr. 20, 2011, 2:02 AM

See for a new Countdown Vespa and Lambretta scooter part deal every day!

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ScootRS customer service problem
Apr. 14, 2011, 8:25 PM

A sparrow tweeted about a ScootRS customer service problem.

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Review of Lambretta tubeless rims
Apr. 4, 2011, 12:51 PM

A thorough review of Lambretta tubeless rims that goes over the various types that have been tried over the years.

We've tried 3 types ourselves to date since we were the first in the world to bring them out in 2004: steel, alloy, and spilt-rim alloy. Our current steel Lambretta and Vespa tubeless rims are the only ones that keeps the original look of your classic scooter while still providing modern safety.

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Do not drive your scooter here!
Mar. 30, 2011, 10:12 AM

If you have a nice Vespa or Lambretta scooter, please, do not drive it though this interesction:

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Martin Sticky Round from Scootering Magazine
Mar. 27, 2011, 1:48 PM

An interesting Facebook post about the internationalization of scootering over the past 10 years and the need to end the seemingly constant bias and double standards of Martin “Sticky” Round from the UK's Scootering Magazine.

Parochialism is passé

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