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Reenactment of eBay customer service (aka, eBay is evil)
Oct. 2, 2009, 10:47 AM

Have you repeatedly waited ages for a reply from eBay only to get a canned response ignoring everything said? Have you been directly lied to by eBay? Or simply had the general tooth-pulling pleasure of dealing with eBay “customer service” in some way?

Then you'll already know that if you report a security problem to eBay and ask for their help that this is eBay's response to their customer:

We're currently sitting at about 6 months and 60 emails to eBay to get them to pull their heads out of the sand and correct a problem we reported. We're even waiting almost a month without reply since a direct public response to resolve it from an actual human being on an official eBay Twitter account.

Ebay, is anyone home? Do you actually have customer service?


We got an email Oct. 5 from Kristine (no last name, and likely fake, of course!) Office of the President eBay, Inc.

Kristine FakeName said until we fix “the” problem eBay will not do anything - BUT Kristine FakeName won't tell us what the problem actually is!

Really, how much disdain must eBay have from top to bottom for its customers that they swear up and down they will help you but then even the Office of the President, yet again like robotic underlings pushing buttons, ignores everything they've been told, refuses to help with a reported security problem, and sends a moronic Catch-22 message like that?

Is eBay's official motto the opposite of Google's, “Be evil”?

Post or link to this eBay customer help video whenever you experience the same from them.


We got another reply from Kristine FakeName and the Office of the President saying “I know that this seems like a loop”. Really? Over 6 months and about 65 emails merely “seems” like a loop and not, say, something actually to help with immediately?

Does it really only “seem” like a loop when eBay refuses to help a customer or even tell him the problem unless he resolves the problem AND proves he is the account owner and gives eBay some account info he can't possibly know because of the security issue he reported to them, even though simultaneously eBay is already blaming him for the account problem - how do you blame someone if you don't even know who they are? - and has already verified who he is with faxed ID?

Kristine FakeName actually said, “have the owner of that account contact us.” Uhh, that would be the person you're replying to and holding responsible for that account. Jeez.

Doesn't “seem” like a little loop at all, Kristine FakeName, but more so an actual vortex of disdainful, never-ending eBay customer service hell. Is the end ever nigh?


Yet another mindless reply from Kristine FakeName at eBay's Office of the President saying “It seems as though we are going in circles with this issue,” and she doesn't want to do anything without new info. (Translation: eBay refuses to stop going in circles and actually help.)

As we replied, the new info Kristine FakeName still has not acted on is the same old info: you know who we are, you are blaming us (without any evidence and ignoring what we reported), so have the honesty and decency to at least tell us what the problem is so it can be fixed.

Is that too much to ask of eBay? Apparently so far it is, even at the top. You'd think someone at the top, even Kristine FakeName, were intelligent enough to run the company with some common decency. EBay, stop being evil!

UPDATE 4, Nov. 7th:

EBay has lied to us again, with Kristine FakeName asking us to email from our company email before she would do anything to even explain the problem, let alone help. So we did.

Guess what? No response from Kristine FakeName to several direct emails asking her to follow up on her promises.

EBay is pure evil. You simply can't trust a word they say. Promises they make are just complete lies, top to bottom, doesn't matter whom you talk to, a lowly service rep, a real person, or Kristine FakeName in the Office of the President.

You just know Kristine FakeName is actually a grotesquely fat guy who needs to be levered in and out of his chair and spends his day deleting customer requests for help so he can have more time to funnel Smarties down his throat from a huge tub he keeps on his desk. Here's actual video of eBay's Office of the President dealing with a problem after a customer somehow made it into their office:

UPDATE 5, Dec. 4th:

Guess what? EBay has lied to us yet again.

We've provided everything eBay has asked for, we submitted proof (which came from eBay!) that we had not caused the problem, we were then asked to reply to an email to confirm an email account and also show there were no claims on the account, etc., so eBay could then settle things. We did that immediately - and then of course Kristine FakeName refused to respond for 2 weeks! Constant emails asking for an update only to be told today she didn't promise anything and would not respond without new information!!!

Aarghhhhhhhh! What in god's name is wrong with these people? Are they even humanoid? They ask you to do something, which you promptly do, then they don't respond as promised and then finally pretend you didn't already do what they asked! EBay is pure evil!!!

UPDATE 6, Mar. 22, now 2010:

EBay continues to amaze.

Right after Kristine Fakename explained what we needed to send in to her, we did it, all nicely laid out exactly as she asked for, and then she of course immediately resolved the issue stopped replying entirely. We've sent about 40 emails or so in the last 3 months to her at with no response at all. We repeatedly explained that SHE had specifically asked for the info we sent. No response at all.

Meanwhile we've sent dozens of private and public Twitter messages to @ebayink who initially offered to help 6 months ago, then again and again and again, and we've also c.c.'d dozens of emails for Kristine Fakename to him at and, and he has managed to resolve the issue provide absolutely no help at all. And this is allegedly an eBay PR guy who helps resolve things that make eBay look like evil devil worshippers.

Can anyone imagine any company other than eBay that would act in such an appalling and deceitful manner so consistently? Where even their own Office of the President and PR people on Twitter are not only useless but outright lie endlessly? Good god, the grand total from the beginning must be nearing 200 contacts by us, the vast majority unreplied to after they asked us for info. It's unfathomable that Amazon, for example, would ever act in such a way but we hear over and over from eBay customers that that is standard procedure at eBay.

It's a shame there is no such thing as Hell, otherwise we could at least all know that the people who run eBay on pure evil would go there one day.

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Mixed scooter relationships
Sep. 25, 2009, 11:49 AM

Can mixed scooter relationships - classic and twist-and-go - work, or are they based on lies and deception?

Watch this short film clip and decide...

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ScootRS does NOT equal Vietnam
Sep. 21, 2009, 8:59 AM

The main advantage we have in making our items inhouse in our own factory is that we can control quality.

The big disadvantage we have is our factory is in Vietnam and lots of junk comes from the local market here. Unfortunately, people who don't know much about that but have heard of “ScootRS” incorrectly associate us with local junk. A few examples:

Twice on US forums recently people who commented on hackjob scooters from Vietnam in the US have called ones “ScootRS” bikes. One was a fake Vespa fenderlight, something we've never done. Another Lambretta had a knockoff disc brake, therefore it was assumed... Given that we only do a few a year, and you can even see them on our website and read what we do on our restored scooters (which is better quality than most scooters being resold at Western shops), luckily that doesn't happen much.

About parts: recently we've been brought local samples of custom twisted Lambretta stands but found them unsellable. They are made badly wrong: wrong brackets, wrong height, wrong angle - yet you see these at UK resellers of low-end Vietnam local market parts for around $115! Bizarre. If we sell them we'll have to completely redo them.

Unfortunately we'll still get wrongly associated with the poor ones in some cases. For example, similar problems exist with the local regular Lambretta stands. Again recently, we saw a post on a forum about an incorrect straight-up stand that someone guessed was from ScootRS when in fact it was from a major UK dealer who probably brought in the local Vietnam market items.

Here's the incorrect stand, which is what the local market Vietnam stands look like:

We used to carry these before too and fix them up so not so bad but we were never happy with them so, having our own factory, we made them inhouse ourselves the other year. Here's an actual ScootRS stand:

Two stands, both from Vietnam, but one pumped out from little shops for the local market while the other is made firsthand in our factory by our own workers and sent direct to you. (Which is why we love customer feedback and can act on it!)

Quite an obvious difference in quality, no? The same story can be repeated with 100s of other items, from little items up to poor quality “Spaq/Sterling” sand cast knockoff disc brakes that crack.

So, keep in mind as you shop for scooter parts:

  1. ScootRS does NOT equal Vietnam. Most of our items are made inhouse and nothing like the local Vietnam items.
  2. Don't assume Western shops equal quality. They all import parts, even Casa Lambretta buys parts in Vietnam. Some shops in the UK have far more to do with “Vietnam” that we ever will, selling all manner of local market items we never would.
  3. Ask who specifically made the parts before buying and don't accept a vague answer. Most of our larger items have our name on them but a few Vietnam reseller shops in the UK and elsewhere have been caught saying items were from us while supplying poor quality local market items.
  4. If you specifically want our item, ask us if we supply parts to that shop.

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It's a ScootRS world
Sep. 18, 2009, 12:15 PM

As suggested previously, here's a map of all the countries we've shipped to (so far):

Do they have Vespas around Africa?

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Scooter racing update
Sep. 17, 2009, 9:52 AM

Tony O'Brien, whom we sponsor in BSSO racing, sends in a note about his Green Hornet SS90:

Just got back from Germany and the English reset the Nurburgring lap record.

Charlie Edmonds 2.45 Lambretta lap record, Tony O'Brien 2.48 Vespa lap record sponsored by yourselves.

Awesome! Way to go! Check out the video and watch for the green bullet right at the beginning:

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Again with da scooter parts emails
Sep. 10, 2009, 4:26 PM

Another trilogy of scooter part emails:

Today I received my order (from far away Vietnam) in excellent condition at my home address in the Netherlands. I like to thank you for the great service, and the nice quality of the Giuliari seat badge. I am very pleased with that and appreciate it very much!! Regards from the Netherlands
Dear ScootRS, my Vespa speedo arrived this AM, very quick service indeed, and it appears an excellent product, many thanks, I shall be ordering more parts soon. Again thanks.
Just to let you know I received the order today and wanted to say many thanks to you for honoring your pledge to send me a seat at no extra cost to me.

Your positive response means that I will leave positive feedback on Scooter Forums about ScootRS and will continue to spend my money with you in future!

The last one was about our Covolo seat for Vespa PX, which was touching the frame on a PX (but not other types) and had to be changed a bit.

As a footnote, the last batch of orders downloaded minutes ago were, in order, from Australia, Israel, United States, Netherlands, England, Singapore, Cyprus, Italy, and Italy again. Maybe our theme song should be L'Internationale?

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More customer emails about scooter parts
Sep. 10, 2009, 9:52 AM

A trilogy of customer emails today: one from someone who got stuck with a local Vietnam scooter, another looking for good quality Vespa chrome rims, and one who got a great deal on a Lambretta TV175 carb kit:

I just received the parts that I ordered last week. I would like to say THANKS. The parts are of exceptional quality and very well packaged. This has been the first thing that has gone right ever since I bought my first two scooters from Vietnam. I hope to deal with you again soon.
Wondering how your 8 inch chrome wheels look. Some of the scooter shops over here have pics of them on their webpages and when you see them in real life they have a dull “kitchen spoon” shine on them. Are yours as nice as they look in the pictures?
Re: Carburetor Kit 24mm VM 150/175cc

Hi. Fantastic!!! Put it on and the beast started second kick. So much better than Jetex. As it's only a 175 it doesn't need a super carb, so this is a perfect setup. Thanks again scootRS.

We've often heard that our chrome items are much better quality than Italian chrome parts, so that would explain the difference in rims.

We actually just posted some updated photos and info about our inhouse made high quality Vespa PX/10 inch chrome wheel rims. Ours are $27 whereas Italian one are usually around $49 from most shops. The price difference is obvious, but judge for yourself which are better quality.

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Great mod photos
Sep. 9, 2009, 9:45 AM

Check out the great collection of mod photos at Vintage Urban Village.

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From Russia with love (for Vespa parts)
Sep. 3, 2009, 11:25 AM

A nice email from our friends in Russia at the Moscow Vespa Club:

Vespa in Russia Hello!

I'm writing you from Moscow, Russia. Here we also have Vespamania, but of course much modest size than you have. I made the first order in ScootRS on July 13, 2009. By the way, I'm really happy about high quality of all items I've got, thanks for this.

[Top secret spy stuff about international payments deleted.]

...that's why all Moscow Vespa Club and I'm are asking you. We really want your stuff.

Great! Just remember, the secret code word is “Vertov”. Other than that, Добро пожаловать!

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We're closed for 1 day
Sep. 1, 2009, 4:53 PM

Sept. 2 is a national holiday in Vietnam, so we'll be closed for one day.

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