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Vietnam signs of the times
Jun. 11, 2009, 9:03 AM

Ummm,... OK? Following on our scooter rider photos the other week, here are a couple recent photos we took of local signs.

The first one was outside a new Japanese-style hostess bar downtown. Hmmm, interesting proposal. The second was posted in a restaurant washroom.

(And as yours kindly understand, a sign in Vietnamese written by Westerner would be pretty funny too.)

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Scooter riders, brave or otherwise?
May. 19, 2009, 9:51 AM

Brave or...? A couple photos taken on the way to our factory here in Vietnam. Both were on the same street but on different days.

We'll let you decide if these two scooter drivers are brave or something else entirely. Clearly, though, the first rider takes the cake with his heavy, wide load in a very crowded street while barely hanging on the back of the scooter with his feet almost unable to touch the ground. The sandals are standard fair here, as you can see on everyone, but nonetheless add a nice finishing touch. In contrast, the 2nd rider could almost be considered to have implemented a safety feature with his green tubing.

Update: we added a 3rd photo from yesterday. Someone off to make an official repair. Neither wise men nor fools can work without tools.

By the way, a year ago there would have been no helmets in this photo.

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Customer service
May. 7, 2009, 6:29 AM

Sometimes a scooter part doesn't fit or an error is simply made in a shipment. It inevitably happens when you have thousands of items and many thousands of orders.

When it does, it's important to assess problems quickly and deal with them fairly. “Fairly” doesn't mean the customer is always right when something goes wrong, but there are returns and such to handle most cases like that.

Usually though the customer is right when there's a problem and it's nice to get back emails like these recent two when we correct a mistake we've made:

No, thank you very much for your awesome customer service.

Thanks again, I commend you on your communications they are spot on and rapid, good customer service goes a long way to ensuring people buy again in the future. I for one will return and continue to be a faithful customer.

Nonetheless, it's still annoying for the customer to have to have a problem corrected in the first place so it is important for us to use feedback to actually change things. Rest assured, every bit of feedback sent in is considered - unless a vulgar rant - and changes are made where feasible, be it to products or the way things are done. Like a software company, we track both enhancements and “bugs” because business is a process and feedback improves it. Many of our product ideas and product tweaks have come via customer feedback. Customers have also added helpful information to the website by using the link to do so on every product page.

So, to all our customers: there's a living human being at this end of the wire too, listening to what you have to say. Thanks for your feedback!

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Rebuild your Lambretta or Vespa seat
Apr. 29, 2009, 9:20 AM

Seat rebuild clip kit We've added another little seat cover rebuild kit for you. This new one is a set of clips as used on Vespa PX and other types, nicely zinc-plated. Only $2.50!

Dual seat rebuild springs kit We also have kits for seat covers using tabs and rivets, and ones to replace all the sagging springs on your seat.

See our kits here to rebuild your seat, whether it be a dual or single seat, Lambretta or Vespa or whatever.

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Recent shop photos
Apr. 27, 2009, 6:12 AM

Restored Vespa and Lambretta Here are some recent photos from the shop. First up is a pair of Lambretta and Vespa dark gray scooters different people ordered at the same time. They would have a made a nice matching pair. One was an RB22 GP and the other a 24mm PWK 5-port VBB.

Lambretta restoration Next up is a Lambretta restoration we finished recently. You can see how we made and replaced the handlebar tube. The old ones are often worn and loose. These are the things you never see but explain why our scooter customers end up referring others to us over time.

Record player? Finally, here's a record player we bought for the staff Friday disco parties. -Oh, wait, it's some sort of machinamabob that follows a pattern. An analog CNC machine, I guess you could say. We're going to fix it up and use it to save time machining some odd-shaped items.

And now you're up to date.

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Scooters restored and parts sent
Apr. 19, 2009, 10:45 AM

ShopcamA few photos around the shop: a customer's Vespa VBC 5-port, 24mm carb racer, a very special Lambretta GP200, and a very busy shipping area sending parts out to you.

Rikard, yes, your scooter is now finished exactly as you asked. We replied to all your emails before, confirming everything. We also called you 3 times and left messages. Add us to your Hotmail contact list so emails are not marked spam. Look in your spam folder and read our previous replies. AND PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL FROM A NON-HOTMAIL ACCOUNT OR A PHONE NUMBER YOU ANSWER. Thank you.

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ScootRS wins the parts race - and praise
Apr. 7, 2009, 5:59 PM

We got an email about a very interesting blog post by a UK customer:

New Parts Delivery

Well, ScootRS in Vietnam won the race for the parts delivery, their stuff getting here quicker than the stuff being delivered from the UK!

The quality of the parts seems really OK, not sure what we were expecting, maybe shoddy thin parts, but they are certainly not that, as you can see from the Vespa badge shown, the quality is good, and the badge is of a good thickness, certainly not tin.

The stainless petrol cap is of good quality too and includes the cork gasket.

So it has taken 1 week from initial order to delivery which we think is pretty good.

We are still awaiting the delivery of the Beedspeed items and will report on those when they get here.

We were skeptical about the quality of the Vietnamese goods as there are so many horror stories around the net about the scooters from there, most of which are deserved, but after a lot of research we decided to give ScootRS the benefit of the doubt, and, although we haven't ordered that much initially, we would certainly order from them again.

We ordered mainly trim parts but also ordered the under frame brace struts, which again, are good quality, one needs replacing on the frame but we got two just in case something else shows up after bead blasting the frame.

Nice to hear, thanks.

Actually, you'll find that a couple UK shops like the one mentioned above sell vastly more “Vietnamese” goods than we do. We make most of our parts in-house whereas a few UK shops are basically drop shippers for all the Vietnam local market parts, even saying they'll deliver them in 4-6 weeks if you order. We won't sell most local market items because the quality is poor, often terrible. If something is OK and we do sell it, we will try to note clearly on site any budget aspects.

For a great example of this problematic geographic mashup, see the comparison of our high-quality in house made stainless petrol tank cap noted above with the low-quality Vietnamese one being resold in the UK. And that's just one item. Local sandcast hubs, anyone?

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Scooter part search improved
Mar. 9, 2009, 12:07 PM

We've improved the search function for you so it will now find keywords in the scooter part name and description, provided they are in the right order.

For example, you can now find various disc brake hub parts with “disc hub”, whereas before you couldn't. (Though “hub disc” won't find them. Does anyone know how to require both in regex easily, no matter the order?)

If you want to search for a specific phrase, surround the phrase with single quotes such as 'as Italian'.

You can also use the pipe symbol for “OR” and search for tire|tube to find items with either term.

Not that you'll ever need to but if you know a little regex magic yourself you can get really fancy and search for ring$ to find only items ending in “ring”, or ^k for anything starting with “k”, etc.

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Pile on
Feb. 26, 2009, 9:00 AM

This file pile is an illuminati disinfo site. Several of its notable known members are Biderberg operatives. Investigation into its operations or activities isn't necessarily a bad idea, but will inevitably prove fruitless, i.e., they don't mind questions being asked, but are far too clever to have left any openings for answers. These are the people you'll be selling your gold to, at bottom-bucket rates, after the ascendancy of paperless Amero-based financial transactions has swept the meta national cartels into power.

Oooh, the mysterious Pile People (Pilons?) have been chatting about us and coming to our website, no doubt plotting some scooter-based revolutionary putsch. —Not that we'd ever be so foolish as to drive out to a deserted location in the boonies hoping to obtain a password to find out what exactly is being whispered about us in this darkened corridor:

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Around the world with scooter parts (again)
Feb. 11, 2009, 3:11 PM

A few more recent customer emails from around the world about both our Lambretta and Vespa parts:


great site and content for sure! keep it going like that!

regards from Argentina


I see that in your page, sometimes you published customer acknowledges. My English is not good enough to express how satisfied I am. My first dispatch had a problem and two left side floor embellishment were packaged instead of a left and right pair. I contacted your site and that small difficulty was immediately solved.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to rebuild my Lambretta with the spare parts you have in your catalog. Thanks for returning back my trust on Internet sites. For sure I encourage others to restore their Lambrettas using parts from ScootRS.


Parts received today. I'm very pleased with them, they are perfect. I'd never thought I would have found some Ulma upper and lower rubber rack mounts repro: very great parts. Thank you again for this very fast order.


Thank you!!! You are the best.....

Regards from Italy

Thanks for the emails! One day we'll have to sit down and see exactly how many countries we're sending scooter parts to.

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