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World email roundup
Nov. 4, 2008, 11:56 AM

A roundup of emails for you from the last few weeks from scooter parts customers in various countries around the world. In alphabetical order:


Thanks for your prompt and reliable service! The parts which I ordered late last week (Thursday night) arrived yesterday (Monday).

Our business orders parts worldwide for other makes and I have to tell you, this is the fastest service I have experienced! Thanks...

I definitely will purchase from ScootRS in the future.


The Snetterton seat arrived yesterday. very nice quality. Super service!!! I am very happy.

First time I bought from ScootRS, but I will certainly buy again.


I would like to say how I have been thankful with your services. It's been easy, simple to buy and I received everything I bought very quick.

Congratulations and many greetings from Brazil.


I hope to become your customer for long time. Some of my friends are your customer too. We really need in Italy people as you are.

Thank you so much.


just to tell you thank you for the parts i am very happy, am still waiting for an answer from the UK.



It's amazing! 4 days from Vietnam to Barcelona... Wow! Looking your products here, i can really tell that your quality-price relation is more than good.

Well thank you for your very good service and i will spend more money in your shop, as soon as i can.

The UK:

I've just received another shipment of parts from you and am immensely satisfied. You run a very good organisation and your customer service is second to none.

Thank you, and keep it up please. It's a breath of fresh air!

The USA:

I would just like to thank you guys for the awesome service and fast delivery.

I just wish you guys were in the States so I could make a visit.

Seeing we ship around Asia and to South Africa a fair amount already, looks like we really only have the North and South Poles left to conquer. (And no, we don't mean Poland where we sometimes ship already.)

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New website tinkering equals faster parts ordering?
Oct. 29, 2008, 3:11 PM

We've made two changes to the website that will hopefully allow you to find your scooter parts more easily.

Firstly, we've added 3 extra Lambretta search categories to the dropdown search menu so that you can now find items within only the S3 or S2 or LD Lambretta parts categories. For example, if you want to search for an exhaust specifically for S2 only, you can now do that.

Secondly, we've changed the parts menu. It's now the default one to open because you're probably here for parts and we've moved the general items into new categories so they can be easily found, as opposed to the very model specific parts which are in the middle section. All tools are now in the general tools section because we have a few specific tools only. We've also divided the Vespa and Lambretta accessories into 2 categories, one for crashbars and racks, one for the rest.

Any problems or suggestions, let us know.

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Our factory machinery and molds
Oct. 6, 2008, 2:19 PM

Factory machinery and molds A few more shopcam photos from the other day showing a new hydraulic press we're setting up and a few rows of just some of the various molds we use to make scooter parts for you.

As you can see just from a sampling there are a large number of molds for making all manner of items large and small. We have so many molds now we had to sort through them last week and reorganize, numbering and documenting them all carefully. When people wonder why it is that our products are much better quality than the local Asian market items, that's one major reason why. We spend a lot of money on machinery and make most items inhouse using molds to control the quality.

Speaking of reorganizing, we've recoded the website search to improve it. One problem before was it would not find an SKU if it was for a product option. Now it will find options too, and should also be a bit faster.

If you haven't noticed, you can also now search by original SKU, though that is mostly only for Lambretta parts at the moment. So, for example, if all you know is that you need 19020018, you can find it!

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More ScootRS in Europe
Oct. 2, 2008, 12:32 PM

Two nice emails today from Europe:

The goods were delivered today, and are in very fine shape. We are very happy with the quality, and correct shipment and help from your side.

Do not hesitate to use us as an contact, when people from the Netherlands want to speak to one of your satisfied customers.

And another:

Just like to thank you for such quick service. It was quicker to order and receive the goods from you than it is to order here. I'm still waiting for a UK order. Many thanks.

Great, thank you!

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Shipping scooter parts to you
Sep. 16, 2008, 11:34 AM

A funny email from the US today:

I just received another big box of parts - everything was as good or better than expected. My only confusion is that when I order parts from you and 2 U.S. shops on the same day, your parts get here first! How is that possible?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

It's an ancient Vietnamese secret, of course. Well, a lot of hard work to improve our stock system helps too.

On a related note, we forgot to mention the good and bad news about shipping recently. The bad news is, the Post Office added a fuel surcharge like all the courier companies have, so that shipping went up a bit.

The good news is, having the 2nd largest courier account in all of Vietnam (so they tell us), we managed to squeeze out a solid new discount on courier shipping. We don't add anything to the shipping cost, so that all goes to you. On top of that, they've added a big new plane, so slightly better service too.

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Wholesale scooters
Sep. 8, 2008, 1:10 PM

We get emails all the time like this one today from Europe:

Dear scootRS team:

I really like what you are doing and your reputation is excellent.

I am interested in buying/wholesaling your Vespas in xxxxxx. Do you already have a partner in xxxxxx? Could you please indicate if you're interested.

Thank you for the compliment but, just for the record, we don't wholesale scooters at all. We have never shipped containers of scooters. We do very few scooters, always direct to customers, and have a very long waiting list.

We'd also strongly recommend not buying containers of scooters from Vietnam. All those scooters are coming out of local shops and are generally awful. We often get people writing back, asking again, after endless problems from some shipment of scooters they bought, or asking why someone used bent nails to hold the rear wheels on. We've even had some asking us how to contact the police here. You're on your own there.

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More from the email bag
Sep. 6, 2008, 2:42 PM

We love intelligent feedback from customers! A couple emails today:

Just thought i would give you a little post view write-up on the ScootRS P200 expansion chamber. I'm running a Malossi 210 heavily ported, HRS high compression head, Mazz cut crank, Vortex 33, on an 8” VNA Allstate. I've clocked over 5000 miles on your pipe. I have rode slow and hammered this machine; raced through dry and wet streets. I took off the pipe this week and found zero breaks on the welds. Bracket is in perfect shape.

He also made one great suggestion about the paint which we'll look into.

Here's another about our Lambretta hydraulic disc brake kit where he kindly reported details on a difference with his original S2 support piece - we're already redoing that particular one to make it perfect - and added:

As for the quality of the caliper and disk like I said they all work top notch as far as I'm concerned.

Finally, someone else restoring a S2 requested a custom item which we'll do if we can and added:

You guys have really stepped up the quality.

Keep up the good work.

Of course we quoted the good parts, we're not going to give away all the good ideas we get, but the point is any intelligent feedback is strongly encouraged and listened to. We might not always be able to act on it, but we will if we can.

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UK shops, North American customers
Sep. 4, 2008, 1:01 PM

A nice email from a new UK wholesale customer today:

I am very pleased with the speed of delivery of your parts and also the quality of the parts you sell as i have been with another Vietnamese supplier and their quality was no way near as good as yours so i look forward to doing lots of business with you.

Great! We make most of our items inhouse, so good to hear.

We also got an update on a Vespa scooter from many years ago where the customer finally needs to make a repair - a replacement switch:

The bike has been WONDERFUL since the day I bought it. This is the first “problem” I've had with it in the 4 years since you sent it to me... it was even properly jetted when I got it. I've ridden it to Portland from Vancouver, Niagara Falls from Toronto, Montreal from Toronto and all over Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Minneapolis and Winnipeg. I've won tons of awards with it and it turns heads everywhere I go. So I'm very happy with it... but I would love to get it back on the road.

Awesome, thanks for the update. It was actually more than 5 years ago this scooter was done and that's a lot of scootering! Let's get that switch changed and get back on the road...

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USA Number 1 Big Joe
Aug. 25, 2008, 11:51 AM

An email today from a regular USA scooterist in response to our post below about the appalling scare tactics of a few insiders there:

I just wanted to write something in response to the abuse you are getting on the US forums. I belong to one of the more rabid vintage scooter clubs, one that regularly tortures and shames the importers and buyers of cheap Asian restos. Not your products though.

We've all, very reluctantly, bought ScootRS parts - I'm talking about a bunch of people who will spend two years tracking down NOS Italian cotter pins. We would rather not ever have to put a re-popped Asian part on our beloved aging scoots, but if we have to, we're going to buy it from you and no one else. We place orders over and over again, we pool our orders to share the shipping costs, we track your quality for any sign of degradation, and every year we continue to buy from you.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks very much for that. It confirms what we've found, that regular USA scooterists are similarly open-minded and, once they actually see for themselves what we do, come back regularly.

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“Darn” forums?
Aug. 20, 2008, 3:48 PM

Is “darn” a swear word?

We've always been shocked that some forums in the USA are allowed to be ruined by a small clique posting all manner of insults and nonsense about things they know nothing about so as to block civil discussion and enforce personal biases or promote friend's shops, while at the exact same time on other forums in other countries people are perfectly normal and friendly and look at things for exactly what they are and discuss things very civilly and intelligently. The latter are the types of forums where you find good information, not where people are shouted down if they deviate at all from what a few think you ought to think.

By the way, a nice email from a customer today:

Received the refund, many thanks.

The good reputation you have on the LCGB forum site is justified, given such prompt service.

And it's a darn good forum too if you want to learn anything related to Lambrettas.

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