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“Friggin” scooters?
Aug. 15, 2008, 12:47 PM

Is “friggin” a swear word? We always forget:

People friggin love the scooter by the way.... There's this Italian guy who runs a pizza joint here that is in love with it!

I had it out last night for the first run in a while and I was very impressed at the power through all the gears - now that I have about 150 miles on it, it is really starting to break in nicely.

I am very impressed with the restoration that you guys did on my Lambretta and the way you had it dialed in is spot on. [....] I was out for a ride today and had people stopping me everywhere to ask what it was and where I got it. So thank you to everyone there for delivering what you promised... I am very pleased and satisfied with ScootRS.

Great, always nice to hear customers are happy.

Of course, just to be fair, there's always the “friggin” internet and the word of those who don't know anything about what we actually do except that we're in Vietnam, a land of 80,000,000 people from whence containers of awful scooters are launched only to land on eBay to be flipped to the unsuspecting: “Dude is a scooter butcher.”

As you can see, we let you handle the scales yourself.

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Scooter restorations in the shop
Aug. 3, 2008, 11:32 AM

Scooters in the shop Here are a few photos of some scooters we are finishing off in the shop at the moment:

  1. An 8-inch 5-port sky blue Vespa VBB with chrome wheels, PWK carb and tuned exhaust.
  2. A flashy green and white Lambretta that is going to look brilliant.
  3. Another flashy Lambretta that will also look brilliant, this time with an RB22 cylinder kit.

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Lambretta Series 1/2 tank rubber buffers
Jul. 31, 2008, 8:27 AM

Back to work Now that we're back to work, we've added some more new rubber to save you from badly overpriced Italian repros, in this case Series 1 and 2 tank buffers.

The Italian repros go for between $2-3 for each piece! Ours is...wait for it...$1.25 for the exact same thing.

Series 1/2 tank buffer kit Or a complete S2 tank buffer kit of 8 as pictured above is around $24 for the Italian ones, while the exact same from us is only $8.75, almost 1/3 the price!

Once again, our new inhouse “Casa RS” items are the same quality or usually better than Italian - many of the Italian repros are surprisingly poor; our new Lambretta floor strips sets are now the best in the world, for example - but for about half the price.

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Safety Day at the shop
Jul. 28, 2008, 10:26 AM

Safety day at the shop The other day was Safety Day at scootRS.

Actually it lasted two days. We stopped all shop production for two days and we brought in people to lecture and train on safety procedures in the shop.

Not only do we care about the safety of our customers as witnessed by the extensive info we give out onsite and the popular safety items we make - tubeless rims, hydraulic disc brakes, etc. - but also about the safety of our employees making those items.

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Degrees of separation
Jul. 18, 2008, 2:47 PM

People sometimes email us and ask about knockoffs of our items, or say they can get something a little cheaper that is the “same” as ours. We point out that we can get 3 different versions of items from India but only ever opt for the best type from consistent suppliers.

Then you hear these reports which back up what we say:

I have personally seen at least 6 sets of unknown origin stainless rims that have cracked - one set was only detected when the scooter was lifted up onto a dyno!!!!!!! These were both tubeless and split rim types. [....]

These were not from ScootRS but certainly from the Far East. It was enough to make me think twice about buying them, so I opted for the ScootRS steel tubeless ones with the safety bead. [...]

If you do want to buy a pair then make sure you get them from a reputable source.

There are many hundreds of items that we make inhouse because we are not happy selling local market items due to low quality or inconsistency. Keep that in mind as you shop around.

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Calling Mr. Newsholme order 38966
Jul. 15, 2008, 11:49 AM

Mr. Newsholme, we've sent you emails and tried to call. Fedex can't deliver to your address and will return your order unless you call them immediately!

Check your account history and call them with your tracking number today!

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Yo, col_m_k!
Jul. 12, 2008, 9:58 AM

Colin, sent you 7 emails, all came back undeliverable:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


No payment was received from you, so your order was deleted. If you paid, send us a receipt number to check. But use a different, working email address please!

This message was brought to you courtesy our brand new generator providing power today when there is none!

And now back to regular scooter programming...

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Power to our people!
Jul. 11, 2008, 8:10 AM

Generator Following up on our earlier post about power outages, here's the new, very spendy, line of defense at our factory: the official scootRS Scooter and Parts Generator. Like Jennifer Lopez's assets, it looks much bigger in person.

Don't ask us what all the buttons do. Allz we knowz is it does 3-phase or however many phases youz want, and powers an entire factory and office. We're just waiting for the outer sound-proofing box to arrive, hence the tarp.

And apparently we've been told the power will be off tomorrow, so just in time to keep making scooter parts for you.

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Power to the (other) people!
Jul. 2, 2008, 8:44 AM

Our power is out for a 2nd day in a row. No machinery, no computers, no service - sorry.

Yesterday the power company said there was not enough power to go around so they were cutting it off for a couple hours, part of their rotating blackouts. Turned out to be all day. Today they say they're doing repairs and no idea when done. Just another of the joys of doing business in a developing country.

This, of course, has rapidly accelerated our plan to buy a large backup power system - “rapidly”, as in, buying it today. As you can imagine, the advanced type required for an entire factory and office is not small, not simple and definitely not cheap. We've been looking around for a while due to random but increasing power cuts, so we're ready to buy. We'll put up a photo later.

On a brighter note - pun intended - we recently hired two new managers for the factory, one for the fabrication area, one for the machining area. Both have extensive experience with large metalworking factories, CAD design, machining, welding, mold-making, etc. They're working on new items and fine-tuning how we make current items. Along with some new warehouse staff this has already helped. We have a couple new small molds almost ready and we'll have one nice major product out soon enough that has been sitting around in prototype form but is finally being finished off with their help.

Update: an SMS just arrived that the power is back on. Huzzah!

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Windbags and air hoses: A brief history of the scientific method
Jun. 24, 2008, 8:36 AM

Apparently many people on the best Lambretta forum out there, the LCGB, rate our Lambretta air hose (or carburetor bellow, if you prefer) as the best out there:

Lambretta air hoseI thought that I would never say this, but the best airhose that I have tried so far, is the ScootRS one. I have done millions of carb cleanings, but the hose is still very strong.

I agree. I like to use them on all my scooters. Don't know what it is about the rubber they use. It's very good.

In 2400 miles I ate no less than three air hoses, the original SIL and 2 more. I fitted in October the ScootRS one, and thought it was maybe too hard, but how wrong I was, superb quality, perfect fit, softens a little bit with the engine grit and temperature, does not deform or suck. All my lammies (apart from the weird Serveta Lynxes) use scootRS hoses.

All parts I've bought from ScootRS so far have proved to be perfect quality, especially their superb ignition switch.

This one just happens to be favorable to us - we also find intelligent negative feedback helpful for improving items over time - but either way, that's the beauty of good forums, allowing people to discuss technical issues civilly and thus generate good information, no differently from civil society in general. The LCGB manages discussion wonderfully and is a tremendous asset to Lambretta owners around the English-speaking world.

Sadly, other forums effectively operate like indoctrination camps with required opinions where anyone who dares to reply and disagree with the noisiest clique is burned as a heretic. Those forums must, by their very logic, end up in the long run as repositories of bad advice, which is why you should only seek information on the internet where the discussion is open and civil. At the first sign of rudeness and especially righteousness, look elsewhere.

This post below has nothing to do with us, and it correctly notes that the scooters coming out of the local shops in Vietnam are awful, but we post it as a perfect example of the difference between a good and a bad forum and what you should do if you end up at the wrong type:

I ran across a forum of scooter people in --------- who apparently all ride Vespas. I'd love to have a vintage Vespa someday, so I started reading. Some guy says he's new there and asks if the guys in Vietnam restoring and selling old Vespas are reliable (apparently they're not) and the guys on the forum attacked this poor guy like he tried to rape their sister. Really nasty, rude bunch of snobs. That ended my visit there.

This forum has the nicest, most helpful people I've seen on ANY forum, regardless of subject. I've learned 90% of my scooter info before buying my scooter from this forum. You guys being here does such a great service to scooting in general.

By the way, I just ordered a subscription to Scoot! magazine and got my first issue. I highly recommend it for beginners.

Sapere aude!

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