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From that undisclosed location again
Jun. 5, 2008, 8:38 PM

How to put this politely?

The “bonehead” who wired our office came back to fix two network outlets he never did right and somehow, against all odds, managed to kill internet service to the entire office.

So, no, we didn't get your email today, or your order, and we're not even sure we'll get it tomorrow.

And if we don't get it tomorrow, someone will most certainly be “getting it,” and continue “getting it,” until we've got it.

Update: As of Monday morning, we still have no internet, no email. Do NOT email 5 times. We'll get it when we get it.

Update: OK, we have finally got some internet going via a cable running in under the door...

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Your scooter parts order history
May. 31, 2008, 3:52 PM

We made a few improvements to your user account's order history for you. We cleaned it up a little, added more info, and now you can make a number of changes to your orders there and have them go directly to the shipping department. Take a look at any of your processing orders to see what we mean.

We also improved the checkout and contact page so you will get a list of current orders to add items to, or past orders to enquire about.

Everything is to make things clearer, easier, more direct and less error-prone.

And just when we did it we got this email comment:

scootRS's informative ordering process is unmatched in the scooter supply world.

Thanks! A few more to come...

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Self-serve parts checkout
May. 28, 2008, 7:10 PM

Self-serve checkout We don't get visitors often but when we do it is highly appreciated if they do their own packing.

Here's our visitor from scoot-central, who is probably the only man in the world to actually have repeatedly visited the full array of Vietnam scooter companies - and the word “company” is loosely used with most - to see what is real and what is BS, and then write about it all. He was in town again and stopped by to pick up a small order.

Afterward he put an update on his site's comments about us:

Editor Note: May 2008 - I popped in on ScootRS on a recent trip since it has been a year since we reviewed him. I looked at several Lambrettas he was building for his clients. I was happy to see the quality is still there. He was building up and fitting body parts on the scooters before paint. I have seen the other shops fit the body parts once the scooter was painted which can be disastrous. His shop was also dialing in a customer's new bike with the upgraded AF RB25 kit on it. It sounded AWESOME!

One of the many things I like about ScootRS is that they have the parts to build the scooters right and into something special vs. other shops that do not have the parts and they end up making their own, (Coke can shims), or buy seconds to try to compete but the parts look like hell.

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Endurance scootering
May. 26, 2008, 10:48 AM

Julio writes in to let you to know about his long-distance scootering in Oz. OK, it's a Honda but this is endurance riding after all.

Julio Languiller has now achieved 3 world 24 hour endurance records set on Honda motor scooters.

This event is not about speed, it is to promote the motor scooter as a very viable form of transport whether in the City and Suburbs or open country. The focus will be on endurance, safety and economy and as with the earlier records, powered by Julio's passion for motor scootering and his sheer determination to test his own personal endurance.

While having just turned 50 years of age in June 2006, Julio has been riding motor cycles and scooters now for many years both here in Australia and other parts of the world.

Scootering around Australia sets a huge new dimension of endurance to be riding the scooter for 10 to 14 hrs per day for at least 15 days around Australia.

For more details, see

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Yes, we got the 1604 error emails, thanks
May. 11, 2008, 12:22 PM

Yes, OK, I was the one who yesterday destroyed all the usernames and passwords while changing something at home, then spend hours fixing it at the office when I realized what had happened, then, after fixed, finished by uploading a page with an error and went home, killing the site for the night. Oops. (I swear I checked it, honest.)

All fixed again, sorry.

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Holiday today
Apr. 15, 2008, 7:56 AM

Just to let you know today is some newfangled holiday in Vietnam, so we had to close today, sorry. Back open tomorrow.

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Back in black
Apr. 13, 2008, 11:01 AM

Blessed are the seat makers, for they shall inherit the orders OK, we've done what we had to do, and the floodgates are now open again. Order away!

We've reorganized the shipping department and built new shelves, as well as changing procedures, so that should speed up a number of things, including update notes on your parts orders that we're processing.

Some of the big old shelves went into the factory area along with others to help organize better the scooter parts we're currently making, and all the little molds. There never seems to be enough room.

And then finally we've also built the new seat making room discussed below.

We still need more staff in a few areas to handle our tremendous growth, but, all-in-all, a big plus. And it was all done just for little ol’ you and your “moped” ;-)

Thank you for your patience.

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Currently processing...
Apr. 9, 2008, 10:14 PM

Shipping area We'll be opening things back up again shortly this week for ordering after we finish a couple tasks.

In the meantime, here's a quick photo of the newly re-organized area for orders that are currently processing. Much better.

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Don't order, please?
Apr. 4, 2008, 7:56 PM

New scooter parts makin’ machine As an interesting - if that's the word - follow-up to yesterday's post, we've totally cut off ordering for a few days.

An unusual request, we know, but, as the title says, “Don't order, please?” We're simply too busy and it doesn't help serve you well, with the flood of new orders each day, that one person who was handling order processing sort of, uhh, disappeared? (In that old “I've worked here for a long time but I'm thinking of getting married soon and leave, and it's easier to simply not show up than give anyone even a day's notice” way.)

We're still open and we're going to use the time to help us catch up a bit with all the orders we have. If you're waiting for a reply to an email, please hold on. If you haven't emailed, please don't! Use your order history onsite and we'll update it as we can. We'll post again next week when we re-open the floodgates.

Oh, and while we're at it, we're building new shelves and re-organizing the shipping area system to handle orders better and faster. Then between breaths we're finishing a new room in the factory for our seat makers. And, as you see in the photo, we just brought in another new machine to help speed up some machining tasks. (Apparently this one is so good you can introduce it to an aluminum wholesaler and it returns with disc brake hubs.)

This is the speed of things here. Don't blink...

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New site feature: slow items are noted onsite!
Apr. 3, 2008, 7:38 PM

Yes, the shipping area is very busy!One thing customers consistently say they want from an online scooter parts shop is to know if a part is in stock or not. That's not an easy task to begin, linking stock with accounting with a website, and a lot trickier for us because we actually make so many of the parts we sell, rather than just stock/resell like most places - and we also have tons of color options often made-to-order. Thus our finished stock fluctuates rapidly, and maybe something comes in then goes out immediately, so it would often look “out of stock.” Would it really be helpful to be told something is out of stock if it only needs to be chromed or painted, not ordered in from overseas?

Maybe, but in the meantime we've figured out a neat way to let you know which items have recently been noted as slow for other customers, almost like a community system. You'll now get a heads-up in your shopping cart about what might be slow for your order too, in case you need it immediately.

For example, maybe we are stamping a new batch of fork link caps. If ordering it, you might then see a note in your shopping cart that 3 recent customers had to wait for that item. Or if some item is consistently a little slow to make, you'll likely see that one noted in your cart too.

And, yes, of course we're using the info behind the scenes to improve stock in advance but we wanted to share it with you in case it helps you make a decision. We'll continue to update your orders afterward with notes if anything is slow, and you can always cancel a slow item, so don't be scared off.

By the way, did we mention that we are insanely busy right now? If you have an order processing now, please use your online order history for any update notes rather than email. Appreciated.

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