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Videos from the moped nation
Jun. 28, 2007, 11:02 PM

Dope vs. so not dope it hurts.

And finally, of course, the punchline.

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Lambretta scooters again
Jun. 19, 2007, 8:15 PM

An email from Down Under about our Lambretta scooters:

Bit of news for you a work colleague of mine here is also in the process of ordering a scooter from you. A friend of his has purchased one from you and has it here in Australia and is absolutely 100% pleased with the scooter you have supplied him. Keep up the good work. Thanks from an old 60s Mod.

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Lambretta rubber comparison
Jun. 11, 2007, 3:40 PM

Lambretta rubber comparison We've been getting some nice emails about how our new Lambretta rubber products are the same quality as Italian, only half the price. We'd show you a comparison photo of that, but they look exactly the same!

Instead, here's a photo clearly showing the difference between the Lambretta stand rubber feet that are sold in the Vietnam market and resold on eBay and such (and even by us but labeled as budget items) and those made in house by us at scootRS.

Quite a difference, we're sure you'll agree, and something to remember when Italophiles blindly warn about “Asian” or “Vietnam” products in general.

Oh, yeah: ours are only $5.25 a pair!

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Serving you scooters parts 99.94% of the time!
Jun. 4, 2007, 11:01 PM

Here are the stats since we moved to the new server last week:

Weekly uptime:99.94% Downtime:5 min 53 sec
Day 2007-06-03 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2007-06-02 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2007-06-01 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2007-05-31 Uptime:99.47% Downtime:5 min 53 sec
Day 2007-05-30 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2007-05-29 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2007-05-28 Uptime:100.00%

Except for that one little snack break, the site has been a busy little bee.


Update for June 11th: Weekly uptime: 100.00%.

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We've moved!
May. 26, 2007, 2:35 PM

We've moved! You are now visiting our new home on our new server.

As many people experienced - including ourselves - our site was timing out often due to our website being too busy. The host was fairly indifferent to analysis and upgrades so we finally moved. We've changed from shared hosting to our own server, changed operating systems, changed web servers, changed Coldfusion servers, as well as changing to a new, sturdier database system, all of which took some time to implement.

We'll be keeping an eye on things but if you experience any problems, be sure to contact us and let us know.

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Burn rubber, not a hole in your pocket
May. 19, 2007, 2:57 AM

Lambretta drip tray Lambretta air filter gasket Lambretta stand rubber feet Well, we suppose you won't actually be burning any of these new rubber pieces, but let's not let that get in the way of a good headline about some new products.

First up is our Lambretta drip tray, AKA petrol splash tray, for the tank. It is done as original in transparent white plastic, not too hard and not too soft. Much nicer than the Indian ones and even a bit nicer than the good Italian ones - except it is half the price at only $3.50!

Up second is our Lambretta air filter gasket. The Italian didn't fit quite right whereas ours does, so ours is slightly better quality than even the Italian one and still half the price at just $1.75.

Finally, there are our Lambretta stand rubber feet, in gray and black. The local ones from Vietnam that you see around are very budget items, nowhere near as nice as Italian, so we've made these new ones ourselves. Perfect shape and hard. Again, they are the same great quality as Italian, except half the price at only $5.25!

If a rubber item on our site says “same quality as Italian,” then you can be guaranteed that it is excellent, yet save 50% and more over the price elsewhere! And one nice thing is that, unlike the most popular (and most expensive) Italian rubber trim, all our new items are all made by us inhouse and the gray pieces all match.

Our advice? Just don't tell your friends about our new scooter parts page and let them imagine what they want as they admire your scooter.

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A brief tour of the new scootRS factory
May. 12, 2007, 6:53 PM

Shopcam at the new factory A few more shopcam photos of the slowing evolving mess known as the new scootRS factory.

The first shot is taken from a 2nd floor we built at the back to store all of our scooters. In the distance is machinery all the way out, and on the sides a newly built polishing room, an office, newly built worker shower area, worker living space, etc. At the far end the factory curls out towards a big long entrance.

Looking down you can see all the packing material mess which obviously needs some organization still, with the packing area and two-story warehouse entrance behind the wooden wall we put up on the right.

Looking backwards you see our Vespas on the new 2nd floor, and below that all the Lambrettas.

On the right near the warehouse is the scooter assembly area which maybe needs the floor redone or tiled after.

After that a couple photos of new parts that day. The first is machining some new metal items, and the other a box of some newly finished Lambretta petrol tank drip trays.

We are expanding rapidly. By way of contrast, here's our old location the day we moved there. We've hired about 10 new people recently and we are still looking for more because we now have about 200-300 orders going at any one time. (If you've ever wanted to pick and pack orders in an exotic foreign location, just let us know!) Our current area of focus is to improve the entire production/stock/shipping chain to get orders out as quickly as possible, which isn't always happening right now, we know.

Slowly, slowly...

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That pent up feeling got you down?
May. 9, 2007, 12:16 AM

Feeling constipated? We refer of course to our website.

If you've been having problems with the website timing out while you try to order we want you to know that, yes, we are aware of the problem and are working on it. We have the same problem ourselves sometimes. We've talked to the host until we're blue in the face but it seems like things are just too busy sometimes and this happens and the host isn't too keen on improving things.

So, we are making some changes including a new database system and moving our website to a much better server shortly. It's taking a little bit of work to arrange that but we will have an announcement shortly after we do some testing on the new site.

In the meantime there's not much we can say if you are having problems ordering except to try at a less busy time of day. And of course that sunny days are just ahead...

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Gardening at night
May. 8, 2007, 7:43 PM

Do you like gardens and rallies? Are you in the Pacific Northwest? Then you're set! The Garden City Scooter Rally will be held in beautiful Victoria, B.C., starting May 18th. You even get to take the ferry over from Vancouver or Washington State, what more could you ask for? Well, how about $100 from scootRS for some lucky draw winner? Enjoy.

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Lambrettas roll out, emails roll in
May. 7, 2007, 1:01 AM

A few scooter emails have just rolled in for some scooters we sent out a little while ago:

Everyone at scootRS, well what can I say, got crate home, opened it and WOW, so pleased with it, looks even better than the pictures. Thanks for all the EXTRA bits and pieces (spare bulbs, touch up paint, cables and rear wheel jack and of course the famous calendar) please forward my thanks to all the team for a fantastic hassle free purchase, I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to your company, roll on summer...

[Update:] Everything fine with new scoot, took it for M.O.T. test today (road worthiness) passed easy, had to spend hour and a half showing scoot and explaining how I got it (have to get used to that i suppose)[....] By the way, everyone is very impressed with the scoot.

And then another:

Today we opened the crates. The first two that came out were (by coincidence) the two LIS's. We were delighted by the obvious integrity of the mechanical work, and the quality of the overall finish on the scooters. The packing needs commendation. First class job.

Then came the SX's. Wow. All give out the confident air of absolute excellence. Over the next few days we will be MOT'ing and road testing. I suspect that what's inside the beautiful casings will not dissapoint. I am a very happy man right now.

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