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50% Savings?
Feb. 10, 2007, 11:37 AM

It doesn't happen much anymore, but it's always amazing to hear someone uninformed comment that our products must be poor because a) they're made in Asia, or b) our prices are so much better than what they pay.

Many (most?) of the world's goods are made in Asia and scooter parts are no different. Even Italian scooter parts companies buy parts from Asia, India and Vietnam in particular, to resell with the allure (and much higher price of course) of “Italian” quality. They don't mislabel them, but they certainly don't market their origin alongside the Italian flags they plaster about. Often these parts are then resold to a 3rd shop which insists it only deals in quality Italian parts, and their customers in turn post dire warnings to others about not saving on Asian goods, no doubt justifying to themselves the very high prices they have paid. We certainly have some budget items, no different from other shops, though maybe a few more because of our range. But neither are the quality parts different, except that we manufacture so many of them in house ourselves.

Lambretta tank buffers Which brings us to the second point. It's cheaper to manufacture in Asia. That's simply the way it is. And on top of that we manufacture and sell direct with no middlemen which makes a big difference. Middlemen sell knockoffs for more than our originals! Or take our Casa RS Lambretta tank rubber buffer set, for example. Italian ones cost $22 before they are resold a few times. Our equal quality set costs $4.95 direct, ¼ the price! (Our wholesale accounts get great discounts and save big on bulk shipping, so they in turn can give you a good deal. Ask your local shop for scootRS products by name.)

Dubious still? Still the burning need for that buffer set to touch Italian soil and quadruple in price before making it's way back to you?

Here are some emails from just the other week, two from Western shops and, just for fun, one from an Italian customer:

I have recently finished unpacking the below orders that came in one large box. Being nearly 100 items it has taken some time to go through it all. I have used a couple of your products before and been happy, but having placed orders for well over $2,000 worth of goods, I was a tad nervous what the quality on such a wide range of items would be like. Whilst it was sad to see that I missed your calendars, I would like to say that I am very impressed with the overall quality of your products.
Just wanted to let you know, that we received our parts shipment, and have now finally had a chance to go through everything. I must say that we are very impressed, first off with how accurately the order was filled. We received all the exact items that we requested and all quantities were filled with 100% accuracy. I would like to extend a personal thank you to you and your crew for the care taken, not only in filling the order accurately, but also in the care that was taken in the packing of the order. We greatly appreciate the time that was spent on your end packing everything so compactly as to save us shipping money while still ensuring that all of the items remained completely safe during transport. I also must say that the vast majority of the parts that we received either meet or in many cases greatly exceed the quality expectations we had in mind.
Hi guys, I'm Italian so I'm writing from the mother country of Vespa, but let me say that you are really the best I found during the restoration of my scooter.

If you or your local shop have yet to “go Asian,” or try certain engine or electrical products from us because of quality concerns, give it a try. Because you know what? You probably already have and just don't know it.

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Our new slogan
Feb. 3, 2007, 7:10 PM

A recent comment about us has us considering using it as our new company slogan:

Catchy and to the point.

By the way, did we mention Lambretta LD rims for only $15? Vespa VBB rear racks in stainless for $32? VBC headlight units just $9.25? (Hint: new scooter parts.)

ScootRS: kicking overpriced Italian parts in the teeth one at a time?

Well, maybe we'll workshop that slogan a bit more...

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Casa RS says: Earn your Lambretta stripes
Jan. 16, 2007, 10:21 PM

Striped LIS A photo from the shop the other day. We sold the beautiful LI special with 200cc engine, disc brake a great paintjob - except he wanted a glovebox added. A problem elsewhere but not at scootRS: we even painted it with matching stripes! Looks sharp. (We have one more the same but in a different color if interested. Where else can you get a fully-restored Italian Lambretta for around $4000 with a hydraulic brake, 30mm carb, tuned exhaust, and custom paint?)

Lambretta tank rubber kit Lambretta panel buffers Also new are some Lambretta rubber bits from here at Casa RS so you can avoid ridiculous Italian prices. The tank rubber buffer kit of 8 pieces is only $4.95, while panel buffers are just $1.95/pair! Good quality and a great deal over anywhere else in the world! See the new parts page.

Oh, by the way: chrome Lambretta tubeless rims with a safety bead for just $69, and polished stainless steel flywheel covers for the best price in the world, only $19.

And that concludes our Lambretta programming for this evening. Stay tuned for shocking new Vespa developments...

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New scooter parts and 2007 Calendar
Dec. 22, 2006, 12:47 AM

spotlights galoreWe've added a bunch of new parts that have been piling up: spotlights in various sizes and colors, a nice Vespa Tecnica badge (and other badges), nice mirrors in stainless steel and chrome, PX bumpers and drink trays and rubber panel/fender trim, and our nice Lambretta stoneguard in stainless, and more. As usual, see the new parts page.

2007 Scooter CalendarAlso, we got our 2007 Scooter Calendar back from the printer today! Looks fantastic. That means starting today every order over $100 gets the hottest calendar in all of scootering for free!

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From the mailroom
Dec. 19, 2006, 11:46 AM

Couple nice emails today:

I would just like to comment on the kickstart and rear badge holder. The kickstart is of excellent quality and is fantastic value for money. I purchased a UK kickstart and for more money and is nowhere near the quality of scootRS. The badge holder again paid more for one in the UK and again quality poor. Wishing you guys at scootRS a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I will be back in January 2007 for more purchases.

And another from the UK:

p.s., thanks for all the parts I have already ordered. You guys are keeping the scooter scene alive. Big respect.

Glad you like our parts. It's nice to get such emails from the world's most knowledgeable scooter market.

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Fix your seat, and get a grip
Dec. 13, 2006, 10:56 AM

double seat springs and rubber So, along with a double seat springs kit for your Lambretta, you can now get the double seat rubber stops as well (the two rubber bits in the photo that will rest on the seat post area). These also fit Vespa double seats, ours at least. At ScootRS, they're only $2.50 a set. Others sell this replacement rubber for 5 times as much!

What are you waiting for? Get both items for your seat and make it like new over the Winter. (A new cover wouldn't hurt either!)


So, we saw a delivery guy riding a Vespa VBB the other week and stopped him. He said his boss had a couple. Got the number, boss said he had no idea about them, he just used them for delivery. Phoned back a couple times and he still didn't know what he wanted for them so we finally drove out to see him way, way out in Hicksville. Check them out. Numbers OK. VBC/VLB rear lights need to be changed. One has a VBC headset, but that can be changed. Assume we have to replace all internal parts on both engines because worn out and restore from top to bottom (standard practice for us). Make a decent offer...

He suddenly says he wants $6500 for one and a bit less for the other because he's heard that's what they sell for overseas.

We try to explain how insane that is. We leave 4 minutes later.

It's true: it's not here yet, but the end of Vietnam scooters is nigh. We will likely not be buying any more scooters, just relying on our (thankfully large) warehouse to fill orders.

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Feeling racy?
Dec. 3, 2006, 10:58 AM

If you're in the UK and want to go racing on your scooter, there's a new Street Class in 2007:

Riders of full frame Lambretta or Vespa road going scooters (ideally TAX & MOT'd) will be eligible to enter the Street Class, which will be broken down into separate classes based on what kit they are using on their engine. This new class will also be open to automatic scooter riders, with a similar breakdown within the class.

As far as geared scooters go, engines must use over the counter tuning kits/parts, such as TS1, Imola, Monza, Mugello, GT or even Standard barrels. What we don't want in the Street Class is entrants on 30+bhp liquid cooled road going scoots, which would totally defeat the whole idea of this new class (though we wouldn't turn anyone away!). Cylinder and flywheel cowlings will need to be retained, and only the use of over the counter purchased exhaust pipes, such as JL, PM etc. (i.e., no one-offs) will be allowed. Road tyres must be used, with brakes and suspension limitations being as per Standard Class scooters, so hydraulic brakes at the front are allowed, including ScootRS style single outboard discs, but no rear hydraulic brakes.

For more info, contact

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2007 scootRS Scooter Calendar?
Nov. 24, 2006, 9:53 PM

2007 Scooter Calendar After repeated emails asking if scootRS will have a follow-up to our hugely successful calendar last year - the hottest thing in scootering after the sparkplug -, the answer is: YES!

We've personally ended up having to design it again, like last years, after being completely unhappy with the design. Hopefully it will be ready in a couple weeks for shipping and no doubt thereafter a 2007 scootRS Calendar will grace your wall, coyly beckoning you towards bliss for another 12 incredibly long months.

Hmm, looking at the sample photo, we can't seem to remember if the models even have clothes on this year, better go check the proofs again...

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Levers, breathers, and explorers
Nov. 2, 2006, 2:25 PM

Yet another part we've made because the available ones aren't so good. Here we have a beautiful stainless steel one piece Lambretta breather plug. You can even change the packing years later if needed.

Also new are Vespas adjustable levers. You simply adjust the cable at the lever with these. In many shops you see these for $30+! Our price is $14.75 for a pair!

As usual, see the New Parts page

On another note, do you have the new IE7 browser installed? If you have, please send us a quick email and let us know of any issues. We had a weird error reported. Thanks. UPDATE: think we've traced it to an obscure javascript bug in IE. Hopefully fixed now. If not, let us know. And go get Firefox anyway, it's so much better.

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An email entitled, “Praise”
Sep. 20, 2006, 2:09 AM

A nice email today about our scooter parts:

Just to let you know that I received my shipment from you yesterday and that how pleased I am with the quality of ALL the products. All the items were there which I ordered and all very well wrapped and protected ready for the journey to the UK.

I must admit that I was a bit unsure ordering this amount (both in quantity and money) from so far away from the UK but now having seen the quality of your products then I will have no hesitation in ordering from you again. Once again, many thanks.

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