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Vespa gas tank mixture stickers
Jun. 29, 2009, 11:38 AM

Vespa gas tank mixture sticker We've just added many new Vespa tank mixture stickers, as well as updating some old ones. From 2 to 5 to 6% we have you covered, in English or Italian. All are less than a dollar!

You can also find our Lambretta tank stickers here.

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Vespa leather seat covers
May. 26, 2009, 10:04 AM

Vespa GTS leather seat cover We've added separate Vespa GTS LX ET leather seat cover items to make it easier for people to find them. Previously they were buried as options. They really are a great deal when you compare them to the $500 seat option from Piaggio!

On another note, a customer kindly sent in some info for upgrading to 12v coils on Serveta Motoplat stators. Basically, they fit on the Ducati type with the larger condensor. A photo is included so you know the difference. (The coils fit all Lambretta S3 types.)

If you have info to add to the website, please send it in.

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Lambretta SX225 panel flash badges
Apr. 14, 2009, 2:55 PM

Lambretta SX225 panel flash badgesWe made these some time ago but forgot to release them on the website. Oops. So here you go finally, Lambretta SX225 panel flash badges. Match them with our SX200 panels. RB, TS1, Mugello cylinder owners rejoice!

Another customer email today, btw:

Just wanted to say got my parts in the other day and wow. Everything was there and looks great. Thanks for the speedy service and correct order, will definitely be doing business again and again. I will be telling my fellow scooterists in Canada about your service.

Thanks, good to hear.

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Disc brake reviews and warning
Apr. 12, 2009, 7:12 AM

A nice email today from Belgium about our Vespa disc brake kit:

Vespa disc brake kit

I am a customer for many years, here some feedback from your disc for a vespa : first class quality easy to install (when you have a little press) and it works like hell, the best deal I ever got.

I look forwards to the inboard dics brake for a lammy, already ordered, thanx in advance.

Great! Like all modern vehicles, our Vespa kit is fully hydraulic and includes the master cylinder and dual-piston caliper but is still only $289, whereas a Grimeca type is only semi-hydraulic with a single piston caliper and already costs MUCH more!

On a related note, a UK shop owner posted the following warning and recommendation about Lambretta disc brake kits, though it applies equally to Vespa types as well:

if your buying make sure you get the ScootRS type (pressure cast) as opposed to the Sterling/SPAQ type (sand cast) - we have seen one of the pepperpot styles crack on the thinnest part of the hub and also a standard outboard one crack the mounting lugs (which resulted in the wheel rim parting from the hub after it happened - both were Sterling/SPAQ - just thought id better share this info with you.

Take a look at all our high pressure cast disc brake kits here.

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Stainless steel hydraulic brake hose included
Mar. 25, 2009, 4:02 PM

Stainless steel hydraulic brake hose Part III of the old-school revolution is here, as well as some new-school evolution.

We've just added our new stainless steel hydraulic brake hose 140cm to go with our Lambretta inboard disc brake kit. It is long enough to loop around the speedo route as shown in our last post about that type of conversion.

But also we've added a new stainless steel hydraulic brake hose 110cm and made it standard equipment on all our Lambretta and Vespa disc brake kits! At no extra charge! This is effectively a sizable reduction in the price of our brake kits as well as a boost in quality.

Lambretta disc brake kit This is something people have been asking for for a long time. Unfortunately there are none available locally, so it seemed better to let people buy one overseas if needed. There are some too short tacky hoses in blue and red going around but we wanted to do it right, so we ended up making everything inhouse yet again. What's nice is that our banjo hose ends are not pressed on, unlike with many hoses out there, which means you can make a much smaller hole in your bodywork and run the hose through then attach the ends after.

Finally, as you can also see, one other improvement we've made is to the stainless plate on our Lambretta disc brake kit. It now comes with a very stylin’ i logo, yet another standout feature from the low-end knockoffs out there.

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Lambretta hydraulic inboard disc brake
Mar. 24, 2009, 4:07 PM

Lambretta hydraulic inboard disc brake caliper Part II of the old-school revolution is now online.

We've updated our Lambretta hydraulic caliper for inboard disc brake that allows you to convert to hydraulic. Ours was always a plug-and-play system so that you do not have to modify your original disc brake at all and can always return to original, so we've of course kept that.

With a redesign, however, we've now made it fit under the i cap so it looks tidier.

What's the point? Simply that hydraulic conversion gives you much better stopping power than with a cable. You'll of course need a master cylinder system and can go with our Nissin handlebar version. Or wait discreetly for more announcements...

(Btw, if you're looking for a bargain, we have the earlier type on sale until they run out.)

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Lambretta inboard disc brake kit for sale
Mar. 11, 2009, 5:27 PM

Lambretta inboard disc brake kit OK, the only Lambretta inboard disc brake kit to be made in the world that is the same quality as the original Innocenti item is now for sale. And it comes entirely complete, assembled and painted Lambretta white! Pop up the photos and take a look.

All of the items in the disc brake kit are made inhouse at scootRS (except bearings and seals). Our hub and back plate, like in our hydraulic kits, are high-pressurecast items, in this case the only such high-quality type in the world. The repros you see around now are weaker and rough sandcast ones from Italy or, even worse, Vietnam. (We've seen the local Vietnam ones crack around the axle, which is why we never sold them. You see a number of UK-based shops reselling all the low-end Vietnam market parts though, so be certain to look very closely before buying and insist on the scootRS item. Ours are stamped inside.)

We think you'll be very happy with this item, and it will be a must-have repro part for any serious Lambretta TV175, SX200 or GP200 restoration. Everything from the lever to the i-cap is great quality. Even our disc grills, for example, are better quality than the Italian repros.

So, we've done the tubeless rims, we've done the hydraulic brakes, we've done the high-quality seat covers, we've done the best floor strips and rubber and hundreds of other quality items, and now another great item you can't get from Italy, even overpriced. Seems like the “House of Lambretta” is slowly but surely moving East - and saving you a large sum of money while offering the same or better quality. Yes, right here at Casa RS ;-)

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Lambretta inboard disc brake photos
Mar. 2, 2009, 8:46 PM

Lambretta inboard disc brake Here are a couple photos of our Lambretta inboard disc brake we're just testing right now before selling it. As you can see we finished our new disc brake lever, which is up for sale, and have now made every single piece inhouse to the highest standard. As mentioned before, this is the only quality high-pressurecast Lambretta inboard disc brake kit made in the world like the original (2 others are merely sandcast). We'll open the disk kit for sale shortly.

One other thing, as you have hopefully noticed, is that we've increased our “large” photo size to give you a better shopping experience. Now that monitors are larger, and websites no longer at 800 pixels, it didn't make much sense to continue with the same size photos as 10 years ago.

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Lambretta single seat cover
Feb. 25, 2009, 12:56 PM

Lambretta single seat cover We've added new high-quality Lambretta saddle seat covers for you. Not only are ours about half the price of Italian repros from Casa and others, they're actually better quality. Two different types of Italian repros we tried to use, supposedly the best out there, were constructed with cheap exposed cardboard under the back flap, with glue everywhere, and one was missing a rivet, not exactly bringing to mind long-lasting quality. Hence we started making our own.

Like all our new line of high-quality seat covers, we have made these inhouse to be exactly like original Innocenti ones with high-quality heavy rubber backing in joined sections, stainless rivets, zinc-plated tabs, rear seat badge, etc. - and of course the classic shape!

We also include a special padded insert for you, so ours are more comfortable than both originals and other repros. (With dual seats, we also include a quality matching seat strap for FREE, not ask you for another $20-30 for a generic one.)

See more photos of our new Lambretta front single seat cover and Lambretta rear single seat cover and read further how they are the best quality around but still save you a lot of money.

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Lambretta SX200 panels
Feb. 25, 2009, 12:23 PM

Lambretta SX200 panel Lambretta SX200 panel

Previously you had to pay through the nose for the best new ones, but now you can get fully machine-stamped SX200 panels for a very reasonable price: $69.95.

We sell them separately as a Lambretta SX200 right panel and a Lambretta SX200 left panel so you can replace only what is needed.


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