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Lambretta S1 - S2 owners - front hub warning!
Jul. 20, 2008, 10:09 AM

If you have a Lambretta Series 1 or 2 scooter, take note, as numerous people have reported accidents occurring due to a weakness in early front hub backplates:

Today, I took my very first ride on my Series 1. I covered 4 miles and was on approach to a roundabout on a dual carriageway. I pulled the front brake and heard a noise like a shotgun and the front end dived violently. The reason was the original front hub has a small strengthened area above the locating peg which is very weak.

Importantly, I owned 3 Series 1 scooters in 1989 and 2 did this also. My mate nearly crashed on one of them when both front cables wound up whilst flat out. the other I was on but going slow. Today I was doing about 40mph. In the past I up-graded to later hubs and cured the problem as they are stronger at that point. I meant to do this scooter also as I've never forgotten but plain forgot (very bad move). I urge all Series 1 riders to take note and act now to avoid my unlucky run on this model!

I was one of the unfortunates who locked up and came off their scoot. It bloody hurt and I would urge everyone, Series 1/2 and beyond to check their front hubs NOW. Do not use your scooter until you are happy that you have the stronger lug. There will be no warning when the hub will shear. I was doing (luckily) about 25mph, riding in a group of scooters when I needed to slow down a little, I just touched the front brake and the next thing I knew I was flying over the handlebars. My clothing was wrecked, my scooter looked a sorry state, 6 months after its rebuild, and how the people following me managed to miss me I'll never know. I also ended up on the opposite side of the road. Again luckily, it was a country lane so there was nothing coming the other way. If it was a main road, I doubt if I would be here typing this!

Sound scary? It was, it is. GET YOUR SCOOTER CHECKED TODAY.

EVERY Series 1 definitely has the problem hub. EVERY Series 2 I've seen in original state has also had this hub, but I've also seen one or two early Series 3 with it, although rare. The trouble is there may be early backplates on scooters bought at parts fairs, etc., with this weakness so I urge ALL Lambretta LI series owners including GP drum just to run their hub by these pics above in case a previous owner has changed it over for some reason.

Bet that got your attention!

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Another Lambretta restoration
Jul. 17, 2008, 6:53 AM

Lambretta with stripes A photo of another very nice custom Lambretta we're doing. Should look quite dramatic.

Again, more photos when it's done.

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Lambretta scooter restoration
Jul. 13, 2008, 10:06 AM

Lambretta with stripes A photo the other week of a very nice custom Lambretta we're just finishing off now with an RB225 engine.

More photos when it's done.

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Lambretta floor strips
Jul. 10, 2008, 12:21 PM

Great, the word is getting out:

Lambretta floor strips The floor strips look great and are of superior quality. I will order from you again when I need anything else.

Again, we made these inhouse ourselves because the Italian reproductions are a) overpriced, and b) surprisingly poor quality, and we weren't keen on the Indian or Vietnamese ones.

Go here for Lambretta GP floor strips and here for LI/SX/TV floor strips and check out the close-up photos to see the quality for yourself. But remember, once you've gone Asian, you'll never go back ;-)

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Windbags and air hoses: A brief history of the scientific method
Jun. 24, 2008, 8:36 AM

Apparently many people on the best Lambretta forum out there, the LCGB, rate our Lambretta air hose (or carburetor bellow, if you prefer) as the best out there:

Lambretta air hoseI thought that I would never say this, but the best airhose that I have tried so far, is the ScootRS one. I have done millions of carb cleanings, but the hose is still very strong.

I agree. I like to use them on all my scooters. Don't know what it is about the rubber they use. It's very good.

In 2400 miles I ate no less than three air hoses, the original SIL and 2 more. I fitted in October the ScootRS one, and thought it was maybe too hard, but how wrong I was, superb quality, perfect fit, softens a little bit with the engine grit and temperature, does not deform or suck. All my lammies (apart from the weird Serveta Lynxes) use scootRS hoses.

All parts I've bought from ScootRS so far have proved to be perfect quality, especially their superb ignition switch.

This one just happens to be favorable to us - we also find intelligent negative feedback helpful for improving items over time - but either way, that's the beauty of good forums, allowing people to discuss technical issues civilly and thus generate good information, no differently from civil society in general. The LCGB manages discussion wonderfully and is a tremendous asset to Lambretta owners around the English-speaking world.

Sadly, other forums effectively operate like indoctrination camps with required opinions where anyone who dares to reply and disagree with the noisiest clique is burned as a heretic. Those forums must, by their very logic, end up in the long run as repositories of bad advice, which is why you should only seek information on the internet where the discussion is open and civil. At the first sign of rudeness and especially righteousness, look elsewhere.

This post below has nothing to do with us, and it correctly notes that the scooters coming out of the local shops in Vietnam are awful, but we post it as a perfect example of the difference between a good and a bad forum and what you should do if you end up at the wrong type:

I ran across a forum of scooter people in --------- who apparently all ride Vespas. I'd love to have a vintage Vespa someday, so I started reading. Some guy says he's new there and asks if the guys in Vietnam restoring and selling old Vespas are reliable (apparently they're not) and the guys on the forum attacked this poor guy like he tried to rape their sister. Really nasty, rude bunch of snobs. That ended my visit there.

This forum has the nicest, most helpful people I've seen on ANY forum, regardless of subject. I've learned 90% of my scooter info before buying my scooter from this forum. You guys being here does such a great service to scooting in general.

By the way, I just ordered a subscription to Scoot! magazine and got my first issue. I highly recommend it for beginners.

Sapere aude!

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New Lambretta floor strips set
Jun. 11, 2008, 6:04 AM

Lambretta floor strips set

If you've closely examined the Italian repro floor strips (or runners if you prefer) for Lambretta you've seen how they are quite poor quality actually: rough, thin, varied and dented, which is quite surprising given how overpriced they are. As with so many Italian parts, they just don't measure up.

The local Vietnam market ones are cheap but even poorer quality, so we decided to make our own inhouse as part of our ongoing Casa RS series of trim items made as original, but about half the price of Italian repros.

Considering ours are much better quality than the Italian repros, and now the best available anywhere in the world, that's a very good deal! Take a look at the close-up photos and compare yourself.

These are newly available in both gray and black, for GP floor strips or LI/SX/TV floor strips types.

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That Lambretta GP200
May. 16, 2008, 4:10 PM

Snippets of an email conversation with a customer for you:

Lambretta GP200Do you remember the yellow and black GP200 that you featured on your website video as the one that had the electric start? Well that arrived in my home town...
How did people there like that scooter?
Everybody that has seen the GP200 has said it looks like new. The owner says he has had no problems at all.

Good to hear.

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My bright blue, shiny new, Lambretta GP200
May. 9, 2008, 2:51 PM

Here are some photos of a recent Lambretta GP200 we did along with a couple emails:

GP200 - ID 215Hello everybody at ScootRS, my scooter just got delivered and it is stunning. As I was getting it out of the crate a big crowd was watching and saying how good it is. I would recommend ScootRS to any one who are thinking of buying a scooter, you are a very professional company and sorted my queries out quickly and I wasn't the best of clients, thanks for the extras, Thanks.
Just got back from my MOT it flew through. Everyone was commenting how good it looked Thanks again.

Actually our email service hasn't been good lately, sorry, certainly not the customer's fault. We've got rid of the girl who was doing it. We don't have much time at all for updates these days, as much as we try, until we get more order staff.

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Lambretta SX/LIS headset
Mar. 30, 2008, 8:17 AM

A nice email the other day about our Lambretta SX/LIS Headset:

Lambretta SX/LIS headsetI received my ScootRS order today. Thank you once again for such speedy service! I've been anxiously waiting the arrival of my ScootRS made Lambretta Special headset and I must say, it looks great! This one is a replacement for my broken one; I have two other Special headsets, but neither of them are matched tops and bottoms. I'm pleasantly surprised at how nicely everything fits together and nothing about it is unexpected. [....]

PS. I know you quote customers on your website and it'd be totally cool if you wanted to include this with your product description or whatever. I really just had to let you know that this headset is good quality and a great solution to replace an otherwise unobtainable OEM part.

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ScootRS rubber vs. Italian repros
Mar. 20, 2008, 8:00 AM

As we noted just the other day, many of the items we offer are as good as, or often better than, Italian, even though vastly cheaper. Many Italian repros are good, but many are not and it is silly - and costly - to believe something is good because made in Italy, or bad because made in Asia. (Especially when many items sold by Italian repro parts companies are actually made in India and Vietnam, though they don't really want to advertise that because it goes against their entire “Italian quality” marketing allure used to justify high prices.)

A good example just came up where someone was complaining about Italian repros of Lambretta panel rubber and asked what was better and got several replies regarding us:

Lambretta panel rubber>>Which are the best Series 3 side panel rubbers to use? I have the Casa ones but they're wrinkled along the frame edge with no signs of straightening, even tried to heat them up, and they still look awful.

-I found the Casa rubbers to be rubbish as well. The scootRS are very good with plenty of height to stop panels rubbing on the frame

-Also just fitted some scootRS ones and quite pleased with them, not all this remade Italian stuff is all it's cracked up to be

-I've just used some scootRS series 3 LI panel rubbers and I'm pleased with them look OK fit OK

In this particular case, the Casa Lambretta panel rubber is about $10, while ours is just $5.50. Paying double adds up very quickly over dozens of items.

It is the same with quite a number of new rubber items we make inhouse which are far superior to the local Vietnam market version and for which we've explicitly stated “Same as Italian but half the price.” And there will be more to come because it doesn't make sense to pay double what you need to.

As someone previously wrote:

I can heartily recommend the scootRS rubbers for the side panels. They are the best you will get in my opinion. In fact all their rubber is exceptionally good quality. Anyway, the sidepanel rubbers are nice and thick. Not too stiff and not too soft and my sidepanels sit on them a treat with no riding up of the rubber. “Same as Italian. Half the price.” as they say.

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