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Lambretta hydraulic disc brake auction
Mar. 4, 2008, 6:27 AM

If you are in the UK and have a Lambretta LI, someone is auctioning our disc brake kit:

Better than new ScootRS hydraulic disc conversion to fit Lambretta LI model links. (Please note this will NOT fit TV, SX or GP200 links) The master cylinder has been stripped of paint and polished. (A devil of a job!!) The whole set up has been fully sorted and is fitted with a new Goodridge hose. This brake set-up works brilliantly, and looks fairly subtle.

Auction ends in 8 days.

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Restorations, Lambretta, Mugello
Mar. 2, 2008, 7:20 AM

An email today from a Lambretta scooter customer of ours who decided to hop up his engine a bit:

Hope your New Year celebrations went well. Had 225 Mugello kit fitted to scoot, really powerful now. Just wondered what carb you use on your Mugellos. The guy that fitted it and did all the porting work seems to think that the PWK one that you fitted originally will be fine.

By the way, he said the work on the engine was first class, especially the way you welded the crankcase to take the 200 barrel. He also said that the port timings were spot on and he liked the lightened flywheel, so thanks for that. Cheers.

We do use the PWK carb on all our Lambretta scooters. The 24mm is good for stock engines, and the 28/30mm is great for tuned engines. We've done a few Mugellos now. The 186s go very well with a tuned exhaust and PWK. And we're just finishing up right now a 225 Mugello with PWK and tuned exhaust with an electric starter.

Glad to hear of another UK shop confirming the quality of the work we do. There are so many scary-bad scooters coming out of Vietnam that Western shops naturally assume things will be terrible going in - because they usually are from the wholesalers and eBay special dealers - and are then shocked to see something done so well from here, especially when we include as standard normally expensive extras like lightening the flywheel.

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Lambretta stainless mudflap with logo
Feb. 26, 2008, 7:06 PM

Lambretta stainless mudflap We've changed our Lambretta mudflap to feature a beautiful embossed Lambretta logo.

And unlike others, ours is the same shape as the original mudflap rather than simply being flat, and the logo is done correctly.

Very nice item, all for only $8.

(If you're still seeing the old item with no logo, simply refresh the page.)

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Lambretta dropbars with support ring
Feb. 23, 2008, 9:08 AM


A few people have asked us for Lambretta dropbars for SX/LIS/TV type S3 scooters but with a chrome support ring at the base as on TV175 models or early LI Specials. We've now added that as an option. These look the same as the later headsets, only they are shorter on the bottom to leave space for the support ring.

The support ring, by the way, is not included but can be ordered separately.

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The Technicolor Dream Machine Pt. 2
Dec. 15, 2007, 1:31 PM

Here's part two of the Stanford Collective Charity Ride Out. Tough not to like The Who when accompanied by scooters roaring down the road. (If following along, we restored the striped one that was later modded out. The camera is on it for the ride back at at the end.)

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The Technicolor Dream Machine
Dec. 13, 2007, 7:17 PM

Here's part one of the Stanford Collective Charity Ride Out, featuring the Flying Mr. Lovelace and his Technicolor Dream Machine (aka, a modded out scootRS Lambretta). Tongue is decidedly in cheek:

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Push-button electric start Lambretta GP
Nov. 27, 2007, 12:46 PM

Yes, the following Lambretta GP200 has electronic ignition - we always do that and lighten the flywheel - but that's not what we're talking about here. It also has something very unique, a little red starter button neatly tucked under the switch to start the scooter without the use of the kickstart, just like on a modern Vespa scooter.

A few years back Scootering Magazine recognized our innovation and reviewed one of our Lambrettas with an electric starter. (Serveta in Spain had actually started to add one but then closed shop.) Since then we've fairly perfected it so it truly looks factory original. It is all done inhouse but based on molds and long experience so everything is nicely lined up and good quality. It is not a gimmick as some have said. It is the same handy function it is on modern scooters. The only time you'll need the kickstart is if your battery is very low. (Lambretta engines are heavier to turn over than modern ones.)

What does it require?

  1. a scooter
  2. custom flywheel
  3. custom magneto housing
  4. starter
  5. battery (and thus a battery tray and charger if none)
  6. 12v system
  7. relay switch
  8. some custom wiring
  9. starter button

When ordering a restored Lambretta from us an electric starter is an option. The result if you add it is pretty darn cool. Check the look on your friend's face when you walk up and just push the button:

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Testing our restored scooters
Nov. 26, 2007, 7:38 PM

Lambretta GPs and a Vespa VBB Some shopcam photos for you from the other day by the receiving/delivery door. We had been testing and taking photos of two Lambretta GP scooters we just finished restoring.

Although they look identical, one big difference between scootRS and all the Indian scooter resellers (above and beyond our higher quality because we're not a bulk reseller) is that each one is customized exactly as you want it. For example, both customers wanted a fairly stock look, but one wanted a TS1 engine while the other wanted a push-button electric start 200cc, an innovation of ours reviewed in Scootering previously. No need to kickstart! Each GP came with a tuned exhaust, 30mm carb, and our disc brake kit. The polished panel grills we do inhouse are also very nice.

Actually, as you can see in the second photo, we were also testing a Vespa VBB we just finished. Again, unlike the plain-Jane Indian ones, this one has a fantastic paint job and looks great with our drop sides seat. It has an original Italian engine case with all new engine parts but we added a reed-valve and used our 24mm PWK carb and tuned exhaust. Wow, this little VBB is certainly not demure when you roll the throttle!

Also, all three scooters were ordered with our tubeless rims, a very good safety option.

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A scootRS scooter featured on Irish TV
Oct. 29, 2007, 12:39 PM

Award-winning Lambretta A scooter that is often the centre of attention goes from an Italian scooter to a Saigon scooter to a London scooter to... an Irish scooter?

Was asked to go to Carnaby St. last night (famous mod fashion street in London). A film crew were there from Irish national television making a program about mod fashion and scooters. I was interviewed on my scoot and the scoot will feature in the program, should be broadcast here on one of the Sky channels. The program makers are going to send us DVD copies so I will make a copy and send it to you. By the way, they loved the scoot, the cameraman offered me serious money for it.

We really did love this scooter. Great looks and fun to drive.

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Lambretta LI Special custom
Oct. 23, 2007, 6:20 PM

Lambretta LI Special custom Here's another scooter we have just finished for a customer, a Lambretta LI Special tricked out with a custom paintjob in dark gray and off-white.

The scooter has a 200cc engine with 30mm PWK, stainless tuned exhaust, and a disc brake.

Note how the toolbox door has been Frenched.

The scooter is beautiful in the sun, but unfortunately it was raining so photos were done indoors.

Total cost was $3970, roughly £1950. You can configure your own scooter for a similar amount.

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