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Scooter cover-up
Jul. 19, 2007, 8:37 PM

Finishing a Lambretta A quick shopcam photo of a Lambretta scooter we're finishing up right now.

Vespa cover We've added a couple more nice light waterproof scooter covers with logo for both Vespa and Lambretta. We're always shocked to see the $50+ prices places ask for covers overseas. We've done these ourselves and they are only $9! Great for around the house or for throwing in your glovebox in case it rains. We have a few types now to choose from, which the link above will bring up for you.

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Lambretta scooters again
Jun. 19, 2007, 8:15 PM

An email from Down Under about our Lambretta scooters:

Bit of news for you a work colleague of mine here is also in the process of ordering a scooter from you. A friend of his has purchased one from you and has it here in Australia and is absolutely 100% pleased with the scooter you have supplied him. Keep up the good work. Thanks from an old 60s Mod.

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Lambretta rubber comparison
Jun. 11, 2007, 3:40 PM

Lambretta rubber comparison We've been getting some nice emails about how our new Lambretta rubber products are the same quality as Italian, only half the price. We'd show you a comparison photo of that, but they look exactly the same!

Instead, here's a photo clearly showing the difference between the Lambretta stand rubber feet that are sold in the Vietnam market and resold on eBay and such (and even by us but labeled as budget items) and those made in house by us at scootRS.

Quite a difference, we're sure you'll agree, and something to remember when Italophiles blindly warn about “Asian” or “Vietnam” products in general.

Oh, yeah: ours are only $5.25 a pair!

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Burn rubber, not a hole in your pocket
May. 19, 2007, 2:57 AM

Lambretta drip tray Lambretta air filter gasket Lambretta stand rubber feet Well, we suppose you won't actually be burning any of these new rubber pieces, but let's not let that get in the way of a good headline about some new products.

First up is our Lambretta drip tray, AKA petrol splash tray, for the tank. It is done as original in transparent white plastic, not too hard and not too soft. Much nicer than the Indian ones and even a bit nicer than the good Italian ones - except it is half the price at only $3.50!

Up second is our Lambretta air filter gasket. The Italian didn't fit quite right whereas ours does, so ours is slightly better quality than even the Italian one and still half the price at just $1.75.

Finally, there are our Lambretta stand rubber feet, in gray and black. The local ones from Vietnam that you see around are very budget items, nowhere near as nice as Italian, so we've made these new ones ourselves. Perfect shape and hard. Again, they are the same great quality as Italian, except half the price at only $5.25!

If a rubber item on our site says “same quality as Italian,” then you can be guaranteed that it is excellent, yet save 50% and more over the price elsewhere! And one nice thing is that, unlike the most popular (and most expensive) Italian rubber trim, all our new items are all made by us inhouse and the gray pieces all match.

Our advice? Just don't tell your friends about our new scooter parts page and let them imagine what they want as they admire your scooter.

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Lambrettas roll out, emails roll in
May. 7, 2007, 1:01 AM

A few scooter emails have just rolled in for some scooters we sent out a little while ago:

Everyone at scootRS, well what can I say, got crate home, opened it and WOW, so pleased with it, looks even better than the pictures. Thanks for all the EXTRA bits and pieces (spare bulbs, touch up paint, cables and rear wheel jack and of course the famous calendar) please forward my thanks to all the team for a fantastic hassle free purchase, I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to your company, roll on summer...

[Update:] Everything fine with new scoot, took it for M.O.T. test today (road worthiness) passed easy, had to spend hour and a half showing scoot and explaining how I got it (have to get used to that i suppose)[....] By the way, everyone is very impressed with the scoot.

And then another:

Today we opened the crates. The first two that came out were (by coincidence) the two LIS's. We were delighted by the obvious integrity of the mechanical work, and the quality of the overall finish on the scooters. The packing needs commendation. First class job.

Then came the SX's. Wow. All give out the confident air of absolute excellence. Over the next few days we will be MOT'ing and road testing. I suspect that what's inside the beautiful casings will not dissapoint. I am a very happy man right now.

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A new home for a Lambretta
Apr. 5, 2007, 7:43 PM

A new TS1 Lambretta scooter just found a home:

My purple monster finally arrived yesterday and it's far beyond my expectations.

It just looks (and rides) great !!! What a tremendous sensation !!!

[....] By the way, congratulations with the new premises, they look stunning.

Great! And thanks, we're looking forward to settling in to the new place.

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More new top quality Lambretta rubber
Mar. 1, 2007, 1:13 PM

Lambretta rear light gasketLambretta air scoop gasketLambretta tie rod cover
Some more new parts have been added, including a few Lambretta rubber bits, here at Casa RS. (Does it sound more expensive if we use an Italian word?)

All of the rubber is excellent quality, as good as any Italian repro or better. The Italian rubber is good but unlike the myth that pretends that everything from Italy is perfect, the air scoop gaskets we got from there, for example, were always slightly too short and didn't fit well; ours is made longer to fit nicely. We also made the rear light gasket so it would fit a GP rear light, unlike the Italian which won't fit. And the Italian stuff used various shades of gray between items and for the same item between sets, whereas all our new gray stuff is one color. (Our old stuff varies a bit too.)

And the best part is, top quality but everything costs 50% (or less) of the overpriced Italian!

Sounds a bit like this email we just got last week:“Thanks for the great service by the way. You have saved me loads of $$ in the last 12 months.”

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Lambretta scooters, regular or TS1
Jan. 22, 2007, 8:32 PM

Shopcam Shopcam Shopcam Some shopcam shots showing another TS1 we're doing right now, along with some recently completed Lambretta scooters in the background ready for shipping.

All-new engine parts (including as standard race crank, lightened CDI flywheel, 30mm PWK carb, Iwis chain, Surflex plates, SKF bearings, scootRS race chain guide, etc.), nice resto parts throughout (such as Casa RS tank and panel rubber, stainless panel springs, etc.), great details (custom 225 badges, whatever paintjob you want), great options (hydraulic disc brake, dual tanks, stainless trim) - where else on earth can you get quality like this at such reasonable prices? Elsewhere this scooter would cost $8000 or so if they could even match the specs. At scootRS a restored Italian Lambretta with new TS1 engine like this starts at just $4200 (~£2150).

What are you waiting for? Build your dream scooter today...

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Vespa T5 and Lambretta parts at half price
Jan. 7, 2007, 1:26 PM

Hope everyone's holidays went well.

T5 indicator lenses We've just added some indicator (turn signal) lenses for T5 in amber and clear for only $5.75. Just a few of our Vespa T5 scooter parts that might interest you.

Lambretta mudflapFor Lambrettas, we have an original style gray rubber mudflap. As usual, our price of only $3.75 is about half of what others charge. We've also added a 20mm air hose for those of you still running an original carb, made inhouse by us along with our 22mm hose. We made it because the Indian ones are terrible and the Italian are, as always, grossly overpriced. Ours are excellent quality, as good or better than Italian, and only $5, less than half the price elsewhere!

See our new parts page for details.

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Fix your seat, and get a grip
Dec. 13, 2006, 10:56 AM

double seat springs and rubber So, along with a double seat springs kit for your Lambretta, you can now get the double seat rubber stops as well (the two rubber bits in the photo that will rest on the seat post area). These also fit Vespa double seats, ours at least. At ScootRS, they're only $2.50 a set. Others sell this replacement rubber for 5 times as much!

What are you waiting for? Get both items for your seat and make it like new over the Winter. (A new cover wouldn't hurt either!)


So, we saw a delivery guy riding a Vespa VBB the other week and stopped him. He said his boss had a couple. Got the number, boss said he had no idea about them, he just used them for delivery. Phoned back a couple times and he still didn't know what he wanted for them so we finally drove out to see him way, way out in Hicksville. Check them out. Numbers OK. VBC/VLB rear lights need to be changed. One has a VBC headset, but that can be changed. Assume we have to replace all internal parts on both engines because worn out and restore from top to bottom (standard practice for us). Make a decent offer...

He suddenly says he wants $6500 for one and a bit less for the other because he's heard that's what they sell for overseas.

We try to explain how insane that is. We leave 4 minutes later.

It's true: it's not here yet, but the end of Vietnam scooters is nigh. We will likely not be buying any more scooters, just relying on our (thankfully large) warehouse to fill orders.

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