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Jul. 25, 2009, 10:02 AM

Shopcam A couple of shopcam photos of restorations we forgot to post a few weeks ago.

One is a nice bright blue Lambretta GP200 while the second is a Vespa VBC Super we did with our purty little VBC/Rally/Smallframe speedometer in place.

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Best quality rear lights for Vespa VBB, GS, VLB, SS180
Jul. 24, 2009, 11:43 AM

Rear light Vespa VBB, GS Rear light Vespa VLB, SS180
We just updated our 2 Vespa rear lights for both VBB-GS and VLB-SS180 models.

Our Vespa VLB-SS180 rear light is completely new. It is a high-pressure casting of the original. Perfect.

Our Vespa VBB-GS rear light was already a high-pressure casting but, as with our new VLB-SS180 type, all the internals are now done exactly as original. We've made all the molds for the little plastic bits, reflective bits, etc.

Pop up the photos to see the details for yourself. Both are currently only $49, as are versions to make your PX classic looking.

Here's the blurb from the product page explaining why these scootRS rear lights are the next best thing to NOS:

1) This item is a high-pressure cast duplicate of a SIEM original and completely made inhouse by scootRS. The ones from Vietnam and Thailand and other Asian markets are cheap sand cast ones. Sand casting is rough and imprecise (also weaker but doesn't matter much here).

2) Polished alloy always looks good unlike chromed ones - especially chromed sand cast alloy or cheap plastic Italian repros which don't hold chrome well. Chrome looks nice at first but will then chip or rust and look bad whatever the type. Our scootRS high-pressure casting will always polish up beautifully.

3) The INSIDE is like original, with original wiring modules and reflective metal backing. All the cheap repros are made and wired wrong in various ways, nothing like original, and use plastic backing that melts. You'll notice they usually don't show you the inside.

4) Great price! For example, the one metal Italian VBB-GS repro that is almost as good as ours (except not as original or well made) is a crazy $195!

(Let's summarize for anyone who has been misinformed to think Italian parts are where it's at: Italian cheap plastic, or metal but not as good and $195. ScootRS better quality, like original, only $49.)

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Vespa PX210E badge
Jul. 9, 2009, 3:58 PM

Vespa PX210E badge Is your Vespa PX200 Malossi or Polini tuned?

If so you'll need this great Vespa PX210E badge we've made. Only $8.95!

While we were at it we also made the PX200E badge.

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Vespa gas tank mixture stickers
Jun. 29, 2009, 11:38 AM

Vespa gas tank mixture sticker We've just added many new Vespa tank mixture stickers, as well as updating some old ones. From 2 to 5 to 6% we have you covered, in English or Italian. All are less than a dollar!

You can also find our Lambretta tank stickers here.

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Vespa GS160 dual seat cover update
Jun. 29, 2009, 8:25 AM

Vespa GS160 dual seat cover We've updated our Vespa GS160 seat cover to have more of a drop on the sides as per original.

Unfortunately we were going off an expensive Italian repro before which didn't have that, so it was boxier looking. We've since reviewed original photos and changed it.

Just another reason why we say our new line of seat covers are half the price of Italian repros, but better quality. Only $69!

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AmeriVespa 2009 - great prizes from ScootRS
Jun. 23, 2009, 11:37 AM

Vespa PX hydraulic disc brake kit Vespa GTS250 leather seat cover

The big Amerivespa 2009 rally is coming up July 2-5th in Los Gatos, California and we're giving away 2 excellent prizes:

  1. our Vespa PX hydraulic disc brake kit
  2. our Vespa GTS250 leather seat cover

As you can see, we've got both ends of the scooter spectrum covered, both classic and modern.

We've also included a nice Vespa sticker for the rally packs so every single person who attends will get something from us.

Good luck if attending and please report back about our prizes being awarded - hopefully to you!

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Vespa seat covers - leather too!
Jun. 18, 2009, 8:13 AM

Vespa VBB type leather seat cover Vespa VLB type leather seat cover

We've added more scooter models in our line of high-quality scooter seat covers made just like original with high-quality heavy rubber backing in joined sections, nice rivets, zinc-plated tabs, rear seat badge, original shape, etc.

We now offer for the Vespa front seat the early VL1 seat cover type (18cm grip holes at the back), VBB seat cover type (24cm holes), and VLB seat cover type (no holes). Of course these types fit on numerous models each.

Not only are our seat covers half the price of Italian repros, but also better quality; the “best” Italian repros have exposed cheap cardboard only under the rear flap. We've also improved on the original: we include a separate padded insert for you to put over your seat frame first to make the seat more comfortable!

  • I have a non-leather ScootRS saddle and it's fine for a non-leather but pay the extra and get a leather one. Worth it. My ass couldn't be happier.
  • I've had the leather saddles from ScootRS on my VBB for 3 years, and agree they're nicely done and durable. I would order them again.
  • I have a [brown leather] set on my VBB and I just bought a black [leather] set for my bro's Allstate. If OE is not the goal, these are the best seats your scratch can buy.

Be sure to take a look as the photos above of leather seat covers. Beautiful! If you want the best, it's surprisingly affordable.

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Vespa scooter stickers
Jun. 2, 2009, 7:52 PM

Vespa happy wasp sticker Snoopy on a Vespa sticker

We've added a few more stickers for Vespa owners, a Snoopy on a Vespa sticker, and a Vespa happy wasp sticker.

They'd look good on classic or modern Vespas. We also have full body decal sets.

By the way, should we call them decals or stickers? Hmm...

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Vespa GTS leather seat cover and stainless floor strips
May. 14, 2009, 8:34 AM

Shopcam Here are a couple shopcam photos from yesterday.

First up is a spy shot of some new items for GTS: a Vespa GTS brown leather seat cover and some Vespa GTS floor strips in stainless steel. We fit these on a 250 but they should be the same for GTS125, GTS250, and the GTS300 Super.

After that is a shot of another machine we bought for the factory. This one is a versatile cutter to cut various shapes out of metal sheets. It can cut whatever is needed, even circles. Basically it helps save time when making your scooter parts.

Also, we like to control the process from start to finish inhouse. Most parts from Vietnam are resold by people who go around and depend on tiny places to make things, usually by hand. Because those places don't understand the end customer and always have a focus on pumping the next thing out as quickly and cheaply as possible, quality suffers badly (sand cast hubs, thin materials, poor fit, rough finish, random variations, etc). In contrast, we deal directly with end users and have extensive machinery to manufacture inhouse so as to ensure good consistent quality in our parts.

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