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UK - European stock now available!
Dec. 16, 2008, 8:23 AM

We now have some European stock available for those of you in the UK and elsewhere! That means parts ready-to-go and cheap shipping.

At the top of any product page you will see a “Stock Settings” link to view Asian or European stock. (You can only view and order from one stock at a time.)

There isn't a full range of items but, for example, if you're looking for a Lambretta exhaust in Europe, or a Vespa exhaust in Europe, you're in luck! We'll be adding a few more items shortly.

There are even some new parts in Europe stock that we don't have in Asia, such as some LML items.

If you are in Europe, particularly the UK, be sure to switch over to Europe stock and do some searches and look around to see what you can get. There is a handling charge, but with the shipping it works out to much less overall. Anything extra, make a separate order from Asia stock.

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AmeriVespa 2008 award winner from scootRS
Dec. 9, 2008, 6:29 AM

AmeriVespa 2008 award winner Another scootRS scooter has won an award. We received an email noting that a scooter customer of ours from the other year just won a 2nd Place award in the largeframe category of the Concours d’Elegance at the big AmeriVespa 2008 for his red Vespa VBC Super.


Also see the original review of this scooter and more photos.

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Tubeless rim confusion and clarification
Nov. 29, 2008, 10:00 AM

Tubeless rims

We see a lot of confusion about our tubeless rims for Lambretta and Vespa posted out there, much of it based on rare anecdotes involving older products or items not even sold by us. For example, someone asked on a forum if our tubeless rims were safe and was told this:

RS's tubeless rims aren't exactly unsafe, as long as you get the mild steel (NOT stainless--they crack under stress, making them for show use only.) The downside to them is that they lack a center channel to make tire mounting easier, so they require so much effort to mount tires that the rims are often bent in the process

Not that this is misinformation or anything terrible, but let's go through this one-by-one to clarify here for everyone:

1) “RS's tubeless rims aren't exactly unsafe”: in fact they are not only VERY safe, with not a single replacement ever on our beaded tubeless rims for sale, they have actively prevented MANY serious accidents and probably saved lives by eliminating all the regular tire blowouts people would have suffered on regular rims all these years. We'd go so far as to say people are foolish not to use them.

(Now, we must mention, in 5 years we have replaced a few only of the earlier non-beaded type, which we haven't made since our latest and greatest design came out a few years ago, but even the replacement rate on those, while not absolutely perfect like the current beaded type, is very low compared to other important parts on scooters - cranks, flywheels, rear hubs, etc. - and they have proven much safer than using regular rims. On top of that you can even exchange the earlier ones for the current beaded type if you like!)

As one customer wrote from frightening experience of the obvious safety benefit of running our tubeless rims:

One of my barrel fins went straight through my scootRS tubeless [tire] at high speed but still gave me time to get it under control and stop. If it was a tube I recon I would have lost it. No problems with fitting hub or tyre change.

2) “NOT stainless--they crack under stress, making them for show use only”: actually, we have never had even a single stainless rim crack or need replacement ever. This perhaps confuses us with a Vietnam seller that put out a bad batch of regular stainless rims as explained in Scootering magazine. Nothing to do with us. We do tell people that stainless rims are for show because stainless is more prone to cracking than mild steel, and want people to check them regularly if running them, but we have never actually experienced a single problem, just being cautious. On the other hand, stainless has some benefits. See the stainless rim product page for more info.

3) “The downside to them is that they lack a center channel to make tire mounting easier”: they do have a center channel but because of the large size of Lambretta and Vespa hubs it cannot be a typically deep one. Thus tire mounting is a bit more difficult as mentioned but usually not a problem.

4) “the rims are often bent in the process”: no, it is very rare that we hear of this. The tubeless rims we have been selling for years are thicker and stronger than the first type we invented 5 years ago, and we simply get no reports of problems with them, and had few earlier anyway. We mount them all the time ourselves, and you can even order them with quality tubeless tires already mounted.

As one customer wrote:

I have now done over 7000 miles on a set of scootRS tubeless rims and I'm on my second set of tyres. No problems at all and although I do check the tyre pressures regularly I have only had to top up the air on 2 or 3 occasions over the last 3 years which indicates the quality of the valves and the seal on the bead. The advertised problem with tyre fitting has not materialised although I have cut the old tyres off the rims myself before going to the tyre garage for the new rubber fitting.

In summary, why would anyone deliberately run a tube these days on a classic scooter and guarantee himself a dangerous blowout sooner or later?

We waited 40 years for someone to come up with a solution to eliminate dangerous blowouts, then went ahead and invented our tubeless rims and solved the problem. We hear nothing but positive feedback on them now, and all manner of reports about accidents prevented. Tubeless rims are truly one of the first items you should put on your Lambretta or Vespa if you care about safety. (And a disc brake kit too!)

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Vespa disc brake kit
Oct. 22, 2008, 3:59 PM

We sent out a note to all our past customers of our Vespa disc brake kit and have put up some feedback:

  • Vespa disc brake kitGreat performance, great to have good brakes.
  • Great stopping power and the brake was nice and easy to fit. Just as good as the Lambretta one I bought from yourselves 2 years ago.
  • Looks well made, finished and good quality.
  • I installed the ScootRS Vespa disc brake on my Vespa VBB. We did a few modifications on the headset and used a PX fork. It's working well and improved dramatically the safety features of the bike.
  • I think that braking power and control is better than the Grimeca for the Vespa PX My as the floating double caliper and the disc construction you use is much better.

ScootRS have had some real wins lately. I have in my hands two Vietnamese Vespa disc brake conversions. One is the scootRS [high-pressurecast] one and the other is a sandcast one. I'll award the scootRS 9 points and the sandcast one 5 points.

It's a quality product ready to bolt on with no need to tart it up. I'll be using it with scootRS [tubeless] rims.

Here's a photo someone sent in on a VBB with a PK fork conversion, and obviously needing a disc brake for a camping trip!

Vespa disc brake kit on VBB

We also received a couple tips which we've added to the installation page.

We still haven't put the 16mm version up for sale yet, sorry. We currently have 3 disc brake projects almost done, and that is one of them. No date yet, sorry. We'll release it when we're happy with it.

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Vespa Sprint VLB restoration
Oct. 13, 2008, 9:06 AM

Vespa Sprint VLB restoration Here's a quick photo of a scooter currently being restored in the shop, a Vespa Sprint VLB.

You'll notice a modern carb poking out in the background, sitting on a reed valve, and befitting a Polini 177cc cylinder with tuned exhaust, PX-type CDI system, and a hotrod black and red paint job.

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Stainless steel GS160/SS180 Abarth-style retro exhaust
Sep. 27, 2008, 9:25 AM

Abarth repro GS160 exhaust Abarth repro SS180 exhaust Someone recently asked how far our stainless steel GS160/SS180 Abarth-style retro exhaust sticks out so we dug out a couple old scooters to take a photo.

As you can see, the fit is quite good on both. The stand will touch however, so read the product page first. We generally say performance is not the reason to get this exhaust, the great style is, but as one US customer wrote:

Very nice construction and much better performance than stock.

Or to quote someone else in general about this style exhaust:

I have one on my VL1 (updated 5 port 150cc engine). Have had it for over two years - love it. Can't recommend it if pure performance is your goal (I would go for their tuned exhaust instead), however it does what it should and it looks killer, sounds great.

I also have a friend who uses the same ScootRS double barrel exhaust on his GS150 (VS5) and he has said that he felt a jump in accelerating. He's had it on for over a year and likes it a lot. Hope that helps.

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New Lambretta and Vespa GS160 panels
Aug. 30, 2008, 4:54 PM

New Lambretta panels
How about new machine-stamped Lambretta TV/LIS side panels, left and right? These are not welded at all or handmade as you can see in raw form.

GS160 panelGS160 panel We also have impossible to find Vespa GS160 panels, left and right. These ones are manually stamped and shaped and partly welded, so not perfect like fully machine-stamped items, but better than what currently exists: nothing.

Please see the new parts page for more details.

By the way, as noted, we're closed for 3 days for holidays.

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Vespa PX200 tuned exhaust video
May. 24, 2008, 4:05 PM

Here's a German video of a guy's PX200 with a Polini 207 cylinder and our Vespa tuned exhaust. Crank up the volume and let the naysayers eat dust:

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The Ferrari red Vespa VBC update
May. 24, 2008, 11:54 AM

Related to our last post, here's another email update we just got, this time from a Vespa VBC scooter customer before:

Vespa VBC scooterThe red Vespa is still going strong. I just got back from my 50km commute to work. Have 3730 trouble-free kms on it so far.

I put a DR177 top end on it to get a little more grunt to haul my 200lbs around. Lots of torque. I still get inquiries about ScootRS so I hope these folks are actually buying from you.

Good to hear.

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Vespa GS160 stainless steel sports exhaust
Mar. 12, 2008, 12:38 PM

GS160 stainless steel sports exhaust An Australian customer of ours has a brand new Vespa GS160 stainless steel sports exhaust for sale at a discount. If you're in Oz and interested, let us know and we'll forward your info.

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