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Not exactly reviews, but ScootRS is a proud sponsor of the following scooter racing teams with our parts:

SRP Racetech, BSSO

We are a proud tubeless rim sponsor of the SRP Racetech team of Ralph Remnant and PJ McLaverty, 2008 Group 7 Champion. With their tremendous Lambretta race experience dating back to the 1980's, and 12 sidecar titles and 1 overall British Scooter Championship title to their credit, we wish them continued success.

PJ McLavertyPJ is doing well in Group 6, the rims seem to be working well, we'll keep you posted.


Hi ScootRS, just a short note to keep you updated on how the racing is going. The last meeting, Cadwell Park, proved to be a great success for both myself and SRP Racetec. I was gifted with two overall race wins - 1st time a Group 6 has won a race outright for a year! My team mate, Stuart Day (Group 4) came a very respectable 3rd in the 1st race and then 2nd in race 2! Again, many thanks for your help and support - it is very much appreciated.

[Also see p.145, Scootering, August 2009, for photos of PJ in action with two 2nd place finishes at Mallory Park.]

Hi everybody @ ScootRS. All the hard work paid off this weekend, as I finished the season by winning the Group 6 Championship. Ralph & I also won the Group 8 & Overall Sidecar Championship.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year, it has been greatly appreciated. There has also been much interest in your tubeless rims, of which I cannot sing their praises enough. We are now looking towards next year, for which I would ask for your continued support. Again, many thanks. Regardz PJ & everybody @ SRP Racetech.

Tony O'Brien, BSSO

We are a proud 90SS headset sponsor of Tony and his Green Hornet Vespa 90SS. Tony is also sponsored by Charlie Edmonds' Performance Tuning and Falc Racing.

Tony O'BrienI started racing in 1988 on a group 2 125cc Vespa tuned by Norrie Kerr. In my second year I was offered 3 sponsored rides in the 100cc class on my 90ss (same one that's in the videos) which I won with my chosen team/sponsor Kegra racing beating Norrie and Taffspeed.

I didnt race again until 1999 winning group 3 150cc in 2000. Since then I started on engine developement as kit barrels were introduced for Lambrettas and Vespas within the standard class. After a brief time with JB Tuning, Charlie Edmonds tuned my Falc kit with a view to racing in Group 5 158cc specials class.

I've raced the bike 4 times now in this guise. First outing last year I came 6th from last on the grid of 30 setting 3rd fastest lap. Second outing was Cadwell last year. I came 2nd and set the outright scooter lap record at 1.58 from 25th on the grid. This year I raced Mallory Park setting fastest lap and only 0.5 outside the record - you can see that on the video. Finished second in race one but hitting a curb in race two whilst in second place.

The bike has 31hp and is, as you can see, a handful to ride. I can't race every meeting due to work commitments but every time the bike goes out it creates a stir and is now known as The Green Hornet.

Thanks again,

Just got back from Germany and the English reset the Nürburgring lap record. Charlie Edmonds 2.45 Lambretta lap record, Tony O'Brien 2.48 Vespa lap record sponsored by yourselves.

[See this amazing video of Tony blowing past the competition at Nürburgring:]

Paul Green, BSSO

We are a proud Lambretta disc brake sponsor of Paul for the upcoming season. Paul is also the site admin of the racing forum.

I raced GP4 last year. I am currently using a ScootRS hydraulic disc brake.

We are just building a GP6 bike for 2010 and we would like to use the anti-dive version.

Many thanks for your support, it's much appreciated.

Best of luck in the 2010 season.


Our parts are constantly noted in the world's major scootering magazines as interesting new releases or shown on featured scooters, but some are also directly reviewed.

Tubeless rims

Our tubeless rims - for Lambrettas and Vespas - were a world first. As Scootering Magazine wrote, “ScootRS [is] the first through the chequered flag with their [tubeless] wheel”. As such, they were specially reviewed over three separate issues and hailed as “very good quality” and “a major advance in safety”.

In 2010, after a 4-year test on a scooter, an update was published:

Update - ScootRS [tubeless] rims

Their first trip was on the rear of the scooter when it went two-up to Holland for a custom show soon after the article. Since then it has been to a rally and race-track in France, numerous places in the UK, as well as being used as a commuter scooter and workhorse.

Sometime during all this the tyre emigrated to the front of the scoot, and even after spending six months in the garage without being ridden while I was off enjoying the Vespa GTS, the PX was pushed back into service and the tyre with the ScootRS rim needed barely any air in it.

As such once complete and fitted the ScootRS rim has done exactly what it's meant to.



The following was our first mention in a magazine:

Jan. 1999, Scootering Magazine

Take the rear badge holder. They weren't available for years and years. Suddenly, we are getting them through from Vietnam and the quality is good. Our supplier has made his from a batch of original Innocenti ones that he had, and it's difficult to tell the difference.

Customer reviews - comments - feedback

Note: Recent commentary and customer photos have gone in the Roadkill blog.

Most can be found here where email was mentioned.

Fellow Vespa and Lambretta Riders
Facebook, Jan. 8, 2011 - 1:07pm

Vespa smallframe CDI kit

With ScootRS's help we've completed installation of a CDI ignition and 12 volt conversion kit on our Vespa 125 Primavera (VMA2T). This kit was not exactly for a VMA2T, but ScootRS guided us through the process by extremely quick e-mail responses, and even hand marked-up a wiring diagram.

They provided better service than the local Vespa shop just 4 miles away. I cannot say enough good things about their service - a job well done!!

I expect to become a good customer of theirs - my new local Vespa shop in Vietnam.

Thank you ScootRS,

Scott Dennis

Neuer Auspuff mit fettem Sound und Druck?
Geschrieben 27 April 2010 - 20:44

ScootRS: Den habe ich an meiner Sprint verbaut und bin eigentlich ganz zufrieden. Optik und Performance sind OK. Besser als Sterling allemal.

Hallo fahr auch nen ScootRS mir ist noch kein D�mpfer abgerissen oder sonstige Geschichten hab ihn seit 2 Jahren und ca 6500Km drauf ohne das geringste Problem Preis Leistung ist absolut Ok.... mein Tip SCOOTRS

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 5:32 pm

I've not compared Tino's [Italian Evergreen] version and the ScootRS one side by side, but have seen both and looked them over fairly carefully at different times.

Tino's was OK when it first came out and there were no other alternatives for people who couldn't be bothered to look out for an original Campagnolo. Compared to the original it was always rough as fcuk, only thing that made it bearable was you could use filler to smooth out most of the imperfections.

Lambretta inboard disc brake By contrast, I've compared a ScootRS one with an original. Personally, I would use the Campagnolo every time purely for originality in a standard set-up. But if you are looking to do a semi-hydraulic set-up why waste an original? Or in a straight choice between Tino's or the ScootRS, my vote's for the [ScootRS] Vietnamese version every time as it looks a much better product.

Please note, I have no knowledge of safety issues relevant to either. I'm basing my comment purely on visual closeness to the original and the ScootRS disc brake wins by a country mile.

[Note: there is also a local Vietnamese sand cast version, which the poster is NOT recommending.]

Inviato: 15 Dic 2008 - 10:30

la scootRS non è di proprietà di un vietnamita (come altre aziende …), ma di un canadese, … persona con la quale ho scambiato un pò di e-mail, preciso e onesto, … pensa che quando ho acquistato il kit disco, dopo un pò mi ha spedito un e-mail, perchè il mio era il primo kit venduto (direttamente) in Italia e voleva avere un pò di feedback...per lui è motivo di enorme orgoglio vendere in Italia, patria Piaggio, ed è attentissimo ai commenti dei suoi clienti, vedi tubeless, che sono già alla terza generazione, grazie proprio ai consigli della clientela. Ah...e rispondono alle e-mail, IMMEDIATAMENTE!!

Re: Quality of goods received
November 16, 2008, 02:55:19 PM

I think the thing to guard against is the “All this/that/the other is pants/good” mentality. For example, “genuine SIL” clutch plates are made by MRF, which are also available directly, better packed and cheaper. Speedbird Indian chain guides are better then SIL. Avon ones are poor, but Avon rubber components of often very soft and flexible, making them lovely to work with. In my experience, Allwyn scoots from India tend to be in better shape and better built than SIL equivalents.

Price is no guarantee of quality - I've seen several examples of Casa kit that was comprehensively outdone by a supplier like ScootRS, and at a fraction of the price.

When (not if, there are plenty of good suppliers out there) you find someone who supplies the good gear at a good price, stick with ”em!

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008, LCGB forum

I'm restoring an Indian GP, so looking for lots of parts. In no great hurry for wheel rims had a google and ScootRS seem to have a good range product at a good price.

Has anyone got any feedback on these guys?

  • They're good.
  • They are a fair company with many quality products and have always sent out new items if ones have been faulty free of charge. Always reply to my emails.
  • I've only bought stuff off them 3 times. Mostly smallish things, splash plate, stator and such like. Used normal mail and usually arrive 7 - 14 days. No problems.
  • i feel they have been treated terrible and he has to constantly defend his name against many other Vietnamese and even Indian company's products (no guys i am not getting a discount or back hander from ScootRS, just saying what i have found) … I bought some ScootRS Superfly Hydraulic Kit from a very reputable company in the UK got no instructions, no support. The only help i got was from ScootRS and once I knew what I was doing they fit perfectly and are a vast safety improvement
  • ScootRS IMO are one of the best scooter shops available, clear web site, good service, great gear.
  • I trust for the scootering community and ScootRS especially that his company goes from strength to strength, and that he continues to produce SAFE, well made, innovative and quality products for years to come.
  • Have been buying gear from ScootRS for 3 years now and the service, cost, packaging and freight costs are far superior any UK supplier, even with the VAT taken off. And how often do you see the owner of a company on a forum like this. Keep up the good work ScootRS!
  • At least scootRS gear fits without having to “fettle” The only bit I've had to do, which is clearly stated when buying, is take some off the calliper when fitting a tubeless rim on an outboard disc. Most companies don't even tell you!
  • They sell good stuff at a good price IMO yes it comes from Asia thats why its cheaper. … If it was all tat you would all be screaming but its not. Hundreds of club members are using his kit and are very happy with it. Do you slag off the company who sold you your latest TS1 or Imola when it lets go again??? … Axes to grind and sour grapes comes to mind. Keep it up ScootRS
  • ive dealt with them once and had no probs with them. v helpful
  • I would just like to say that I too think ScootRS is a really good thing they supply us with good things, at good prices etc. where would we be without them.....?
    and credit where credits due, ScootRS is (unlike so many shops/dealers) willing and able to come on here and help out/advise and deal with things. that alone in my books, makes him a nice guy...
  • ScootRS...... you get my vote. An honest and responsible dealer.
  • I agree with you fellas they're a top shop that make things like hydraulic disc brakes etc affordable for us normal folk - I've bought from them countless times (disc brake, exhaust, carb etc etc etc) and always been happy with what I've received. keep it up

My initial post was to try to get some feedback on service and general product quality from ScootRS, which seems to be quite a positive view from you guys. thanks for that.

Publicado: Dom Ene 06, 2008

Gente como esta no hay mucha, hacen nuevos productos, tienen buenos precios, responden y por lo menos lo que yo he comprado es de calidad. Y encima dan explicaciones. Si los Ingleses, Alemanes, y media Europa, por no decir que el mundo entero les compra será por algo no??

[Google translation:]
People like this there are not many, make new products, they have good prices, they respond and at least what I've bought is quality. And explanations given above. If the English, German, and half of Europe, not to say the whole world buy from them it is for something, no?

Hola a todos, yo en las ultimas semanas he realizado un par de pedidos a y todo perfecto, rapidos, bien empaquetado y todo el pedido completo, ademas de baratos.

[Google translation:]
Hello everyone, the past few weeks I've done a couple of orders and everything perfect, fast, well packaged and complete the entire order, besides cheap.

February, 2007

Just wanted to let you know, that we received our parts shipment, and have now finally had a chance to go through everything. I must say that we are very impressed, first off with how accurately the order was filled. We received all the exact items that we requested and all quantities were filled with 100% accuracy. I would like to extend a personal thank you to you and your crew for the care taken, not only in filling the order accurately, but also in the care that was taken in the packing of the order. We greatly appreciate the time that was spent on your end packing everything so compactly as to save us shipping money while still ensuring that all of the items remained completely safe during transport. I also must say that the vast majority of the parts that we received either meet or in many cases greatly exceed the quality expectations we had in mind.

January, 2007

I have recently finished unpacking the below orders that came in one large box. Being nearly 100 items it has taken some time to go through it all. I have used a couple of your products before and been happy, but having placed orders for well over $2,000 worth of goods, I was a tad nervous what the quality on such a wide range of items would be like. Whilst it was sad to see that I missed your calendars, I would like to say that I am very impressed with the overall quality of your products.

ScootRS Disk brake or other recommended types
Jun 02, 2006

Without doubt the best thing I have ever bought for a scooter in 26 yrs (on and off). The first modification anyone should do in my opinion. Well made, good fit, etc, etc, in fact so good I have bought another for my GP.

March 15, 2006

Just received the master cylinder today and thought I would drop you a line to says thanks for the service on this item and all my other previous purchases.

I have owned and built Lambrettas and Vespas for many years and have found many problems with the standard of parts and the service from some suppliers in England, everything I have purchased from ScootRS has been good quality and fits correctly and with a good mail order service.

I have no hesitation to recommend your parts and services to any one and will continue to shop with you.

Re: scootrs parts
Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 10:25 am

>>Just wondered if anyone has ordered electrical parts from ScootRS and what is there opinion of the parts, e.g. coil, regulator, etc. I have ordered previously and was more than happy with the parts received and service but the parts were more to make things look nice rather than functional like the above parts i have mentioned.

Not exactly a technical piece, but I've one of their looms on my Li. Very well made, and better value than the Casa one I've just got for my GP.

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 7:25 pm

Not had any electrical kit off them either, but have had a fair bit of other stuff. Wheel rims, stainless dampers, SII 3-in 1 rear carrier (£80 cheaper than any other) and bits and bobs; all very good VFM. Good service and rapid postage too.

Posted by David on Dec 30th, 2003, 10:40am:

I would like to express through these pages the excellent products scootRS have for sale. I received today my shipment, taking into account 2 public holidays, just 4 days after being dispatched. The quality is fantastic and is matched by the prices. Each item individually wrapped ensuring no travel problems. I can't recommend them enough, you can even track your order during shipping. A first class operation.

Scooter Shop Report Card
Posted by scott on Friday, March 01, 2002 at 11:19AM:

… scootRS. what can i say. great parts, great prices, and fast as hell shipping from the other side of the planet. buy with confidence …

Re: updated site
by: jim on September 17, 2000 at 21:48:04

I just installed one of your glove boxes on my serveta. Fits great, looks better. I'm very happy. Can't wait to see how the pipe works out. thanks

Oh, and anyone with a lambretta, you should seriously consider a glovebox. They're big and really nice!

Re: Re: Re: Re: scootRS
by: ScottyK on March 26, 2000 at 01:11:36

Just had the opertunity to have a look and listen at one of their pipes on a LI 175(conversion). Sounded wicked and had good power too. Cant beat them for the money

RE: scootRS Parts
Sept. 06, 1999

I recently, after much deliberation, ordered parts from I was skeptical because of the distance (I'm in Canada) and because the prices seemed too good. I took the chance because I needed TV175 panels and was quoted 500-600 pounds from the U.K. and $300-500 in the U.S. $60!!!!! ...for the pair.

In total I spent about $180 US for parts that elsewhere would have cost me about $600. The shipping was a little expensive but my 13.5kg box arrived in 5 days!

So I suggest to all of those rebuilding or just customizing scoots to check their site out!


I received the floor rails today, and could not be any happier with them. They are Fantastic excellent workmanship. I may have to buy a few other sets for my other scooters. WOW What other trick stuff do you guys do or make !!!! I will post a note to the BBS and let everyone else know about this !!

Thanks Dean

Any other questions, simply ask.