Lambretta GP200 scooter

(All photos are of past scootRS restorations)

Lambretta GP200 (called DL200 in Italy) scooters are top-of-the-line. This is the last model Innocenti produced. Read our notes below as to how we recreate the style while offering you the best quality deal on one in the world. $5,199 base.

GP200 Model Information

Note: these specs below are for the original motor. With the newer cylinder, larger carb, CDI kit, and better tune we do you'll have more power and top speed; our tuned exhaust option will increase your performance even more.

January 1969 - April 1971
Total Produced:
9,350 (Italian)
Engine Size:
Bore x stroke:
66 x 58mm
Dellorto SH 2/22
Four-speed manual
11.7ps @ 6,200rpm
Top Speed:
120 km/h
Tire Size:
3.5 x 10 inch
Front disc, rear drum
Fuel Capacity:
8.1 litres
Fuel Usage:
25 km/l
123 kg

GP200 Restoration Details

As with all of our Lambretta scooters, this model is an Innocenti, originally from Italy. We keep them in-stock, but unrestored, ready to custom finish according to your preferences: you first choose the cosmetic details, and then any custom options you want. Go through the first few order pages to see prices with various options.


NOTE: we do NOT sell original GP/DL200, or the later Indian GP, or the ones being pieced together from parts in Indian shops and resold in the West. We offer you something in between and much better. We take an original 1960s Italian Innocenti LIS150, do our 200cc conversion, then add new GP body parts. We include front shocks and you even get an inboard or hydraulic disc brake kit for free! Just add our all-new motor option when ordering and you have a stage 4 GP200 spec motor with a GP crankshaft and CDI (electronic ignition). Most importantly, it is restored firsthand by an award-winning Western shop exactly as you want with quality parts. Awesome!


Our all-new motor option includes new gears, crankshaft, and 12v electronic ignition flywheel. A tuned exhaust is also a good bet for extra power, along with a better carb (24mm PWK is standard, or 30mm for tuned exhausts).

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