Lambretta LIS150 scooter

(All photos are of past scootRS restorations)

Our LIS150 is the best deal anywhere in the world for a restored Lambretta scooter. $4,799 base.

LIS150 Model Information

Note: these specs below are for the original motor. With the newer cylinder, larger carb, CDI kit, and better tune we do you'll have more power and top speed; our tuned exhaust option will increase your performance even more.

September 1963 - October 1966
Total Produced:
Engine Size:
Bore x stroke:
57 x 58mm
Dellorto SH 1/18
Four-speed manual
8.25ps @ 5,590rpm
Top Speed:
85 km/h
Tire Size:
3.5 x 10 inch
Front and rear drums
Fuel Capacity:
8.5 litres
Fuel Usage:
38 km/l
105 kg

LIS150 Restoration Details

As with all of our Lambretta scooters, this model is an Innocenti, originally from Italy. We keep them in-stock, but unrestored, ready to custom finish according to your preferences: you first choose the cosmetic details, and then any custom options you want. Go through the first few order pages to see prices with various options.


A LIS was usually silver with a small "silver" badge on the front of the legshield. It was actually quite an ugly color, so don't feel the least bit compelled here to use the original color. A great idea for this scooter is the 200cc upgrade. You even get special badges.


Our all-new motor option includes new gears, crankshaft, and 12v electronic ignition flywheel. A tuned exhaust is also a good bet for extra power, along with a better carb (24mm PWK is standard, or 30mm for tuned exhausts). Also consider upgrading to 200cc. We'll add a new stage 4 cylinder, nicely polished.

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