How to test your scooter condenser

If your bike runs poorly, you can easily test your condenser by trying another condenser in the circuit. Taken from a post:

  1. Start bike.
  2. Touch the new condenser wire to the low tension lead and the body of the condenser to the engine.
  3. Listen and see if it runs better.

The neat thing about condensers is that because it is nothing more than a dead end for extra electricity, it doesn't matter where you put it as long as it is in the primary low voltage ignition circuit.

If you remove the junction cover you will notice that there is a wire from the stator that attaches to a lead on the external coil and the kill as well. As long as the condenser is tied somewhere in that circuit and grounded, it will function correctly. You can put it inside you headlight bucket if you tapped it into your kill wire.


When the points are closed the electricity created from the stator ignition coil charges the primary windings of the external ignition coil and creates a magnetic field. When the points open, the magnetic field collapses on the secondary windings and creates a high voltage, low amperage amount of energy. The problem is that when the points open they will work like a spark plug themselves and arc which disrupts the magnetic field in the external coil. The condenser works as a holding cell for the electricity that would cause the points to arc.

And here's the video.