Add your jetting info below for our PWK carburetors so as to help others with a starting point.

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Your Jetting
(Use common names. E.g., 200, not 198.)
(Note special porting below.)
(Round up if an odd number.)
(Round up if an odd number.)
(Standard is JJH.)
(Top is 1. Standard is 3.)
(Standard is 3.5.)

Air filter notes:

  1. Stock: includes opening the Lambretta underseat air scoop (because otherwise won't run).
  2. Stock+: means modifying the airbox for better flow (opening/drilling/etc.), but still uses the stock filter.
  3. Modern: includes all sponge, Ram, Uni, K&N, etc., types.
  4. Gauze: bellmouth filters often have a gauze mesh only.
  5. None: open carb, but includes gauze if the gauze is so big it does not restrict air flow at all. (The one pictured above does restrict flow a bit.)


Are you at a higher altitude, temperature, or humidity than average, or lower? (Higher makes you run richer so your jetting will be leaner than others need. Lower means you would jet richer than others need.)

This does NOT mean you are running lean or rich. Anything like that can be added to the notes below.

(Choose average unless different weather!)
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