What Lambretta/Vespa models are similar?

Following are the similar styles so you can figure out what parts might fit your scooter. We can't know all the differences on all the models, but the following will help. Any corrections to be made, let us know.

For further assistance, see scooterhelp.com serial numbers, and browse by model.


Lambrettas are easy. You have Series 3, Series 2, Series 1, and LD types, then a few early minibike-like models. All S3 share - or at least can fit - most other S3 model parts, only the body styling or the engine configuration is a little different. Even S1 and S2 share many parts with a S3.

Series 3 style

Details: “slim-style” body; 10 inch wheels

Models: LI150, LIS150, SX150, TV175, TV200, SX200, DL/GP150, DL/GP200, and 125cc versions.

Notes: Above are the DL/GP, SX200 and LIS150. All the Series 3 scooters (1960's) are practically the same except for slight engine and panel differences. Only the LI with rounded headset/horncast/fender/panels, and the DL/GP with it's unique headset/horncast/legshield/fender/panels, look quite different outside, though engines are still very similar. Most models can exchange most parts.

Series 2 style

Details: a fatter body than Series 3 with a big round fender. Most Series 3 engine parts fit.

Models: LI125, LI150, LI150 Rallymaster, TV175.

Series 1 style

Details: like Series 2, but with the headlight on the horncast. The engine is a little different from the S2, but still the same S1-2-3 family.

Models: LI125, LI150, TV175.

LD style

Details: squared-off fender; handlebar but small headset on Mk III versions; 8 inch wheels. These and older models have a completely different engine from later S1-3 types.

Models: LC, LD, LDA, 150 and 125cc versions.

D style, etc.

Details: minibike-like; small fender; squared-off fender; no panels; 8 inch wheels.

Models: A, B, C, D, E, F, 150 and 125cc versions.

J range

Details: Lambretta version of the Vespa smallframe.

Models: J50, J100, J125.


Vespas are complicated because there are many different models to begin, then many that overlap in different ways, so maybe no/some/many parts are interchangeable between models. (Fortunately, some models are the same but simply 125cc vs. 150cc.) Then there are country-specific variations with different VIN numbers (UK Douglas, French ACMA, USA Allstate); for those you have to figure out your equivalent Italian model noted below.

PX style

Details: right angles combined with better engineering. T5 have a different 125cc engine. Cosa are an evolution of the PX. New Indian Bajaj are wider to fit a 4-stroke engine.

Models: P125X (VNX1T), PX125E (VNX2T), T5 (VNX5T), P150X (VLX1T), PX150E (VLX1T), P150S (VBX1T), P200E (VSX1T), PX200E (VSX1T), Cosa 150 (VLR), Indian LML Star (called Stella in the USA).


Details: similar looking to the Sprint but with slightly bigger side panels (same fender), has a glovebox, unique engine.

Models: Rally 175 (VRD1T) (Swiss only), Rally 180 (VSD1T), Rally 200 (VSE1T)

VLB Sprint style

Details: squared off panels and mudguard. Some models/countries have rounded headsets with a smaller VBC Super like headset/speedo, others a trapezoid headset with clamshell speedo. Often has a bench seat. Sprint/Super/VBB types share many parts.

Models: 125 GT (VNT), 125 GT (VNL1T), 125 GT (VNL2T), 125 GTR (VNL2T), 125 TS (VNL3T), 150 Sprint (VLB1T), 150 Sprint V (VLB1T). The 150 GL (VLA1T) is similar but an earlier variation.

VBC Super style

Details: Similar to the Sprint, but 8 inch wheels and smaller panels/fender/headset. Small speedo. Often has a bench seat. Sprint/Super/VBB types share many parts.

Models: 125 Super (VNC1T), 150 Super (VBC1T)

VBB style

Details: rounded panels; a smaller, neater version of the earlier widebody; 8 inch wheels. Earlier models have square speedos. Sprint/Super/VBB types share many parts. The earlier VNA (Douglas 152L2) engine is a bit different, and the VNA1T is piston ported.

Models: 125 (VNA1T-2T), 125 (VNB1T-6T), 150 (VBA1T), 150 (VBB1T-2T), 150 GL (VGLA1T-B1T). Called a “Sportique” in the UK.


Details: similar looking to the Rally but bigger and the engine is like a GS160.

Models: 180 SS (VSC1T)


Details: super fat round panels; like a big 10 inch version of the VBB. Unique engine.

Models: GS 160 (VSB1T)


Details: like earlier widebody but different engine, 10 inch wheels and a bench seat.

Models: GS 150 (VS1T-5T)

Early widebody

Details: front right-side panel cuts into the body; fold-open carb box at your feet; old-school engine; 8 inch wheels (except VGL1T). Earlier ones have a handlebar with fenderlight, middle ones a small headset, later ones have a VBB type headset but maybe a square speedo.

Models: 125 (V1T-V15T), 125 (V30T-V33T), 125 (VM1T-2T), 125 (VN1T-2T), 150 (VL1T-3T), 150 (VB1T), 150 GL (VGL1T)

Smallframe style

Details: smallest model, very thin, engine side has a door that comes off. The PK types are almost like mini PX models. The Primavera is a common model name.

Models: V5*/VA5* (50cc), V8*/VA8* (80cc), V9* (90/100cc), VMA/B/X* and VAM* (125cc).