Top 10 Upgrades for your Lambretta

Apart from cylinder kits, here's a greatest hits list of some items you should consider for upgrading your Lambretta. None of them are too expensive, especially compared to elsewhere. The list also gives you an idea of some of the great, unique items we do.

  1. Wheel rim tubeless...
    Wheel rim tubeless We waited 40 years for someone to invent these then went ahead ourselves. Scootering Magazine called them “very good quality” and “a major advance in safety.” Simply put: regular tubed tires deflate suddenly if punctured and when that happens you can crash; tubeless tires, as on all modern vehicles, only get a slow leak if punctured, so no crash. You can even order them with great Yokohama tires fitted, ready to go.

  2. Chain guide upper race tensioner, Chain guide lower race tensioner
    Chain guide upper race Chain guide lower race Get rid of the original tensioner because the rubber wears out and if it snaps it will make a huge mess. (See the product page for a photo of what happens!) This new type is slippery, long-lasting, and better under high RPM.

  3. Flywheel cover stainless steel...
    Flywheel cover ss A little bling never hurt. Stainless steel will never rust and when polished is like chrome. Looks nice poking out from under the panel. If you want more stainless steel goodies, take a look.

  4. Tuned exhaust...
    Tuned exhaust ss You want performance, right? This little fella combined with the following carb will completely transform your sedate little shopping buggy into an all-around tiger. Stainless costs a little more than the regular black one. Probably the best deal in the world on a good tuned exhaust: “Good pipe best bang per buck without doubt.”

  5. Carburetor kit PWK...
    Carburetor kit 24mm PWK You solved one half of the power problem with a tuned exhaust above, now you need the carb to match. Your pitiful 20/22mm Dell'Orto/Jetex isn't going to cut it. You need powerful, responsive, modern Japanese technology like our 24mm or 30mm PWK. (125/150 consider the 24mm.) An extremely good combo and deal.

  6. Choke assembly metal, Fuel lever grommet alloy
    Choke assembly metal Fuel lever grommet alloy If you have a plastic choke or a problematic one, get this one. Looks great, works well. The original fuel lever grommet on the other side is rubber. Our replacement looks beautiful and matches a good choke such as ours. A nice little touch.

  7. Ignition switch
    Ignition switch “Best ignition switch I've ever brought for a Lamby.” Indian ones are terrible and usually flake out. Italian ones are OK but ridiculously overpriced. Ours is cheap and works great.

  8. Damper mounting kit, Shocks/dampers front
    Damper mounting kit Shocks/dampers front ss If your scooter doesn't have front dampers, add them like on the later models to stop the front end bouncing around. Our damper kit lets you add them, and our inhouse stainless dampers do the job while looking good. (We also have silver.)

  9. Stator coils 12v, Halogen headlight bulb 12v 35w
    Stator coils 12 volt Halogen headlight bulb 12v 35w If you have a 6v system still, you can cheaply upgrade to a better 12v system by rewiring your stator with 12v coils. Add a bright halogen headlight bulb so you can actually see at night! You'll need a 12v regulator, 12v bulbs, and a Vespa-type coil.

  10. Hydraulic disc brake kit...
    Hydraulic disc brake kit As has been written, “Without doubt the the best thing I have ever bought for a scooter in 26 yrs.” You've added the tuned exhaust and carb and now you have to stop. This is how you do it safely. High-pressure cast, all parts made and assembled inhouse, Nissin hydraulics, anti-dive - it simply works very well. Do it.